Sunday, 15 November 2020

The Weekend...

 Good Evening Internet Friends!

Took a couple of days vacation this week to try and get caught up on lots of things.

So, far......almost caught up.

Not a lot of crafting, but I did get the house decorated for Christmas both inside and out!

On Friday evening we put up the Christmas Tree:

On Saturday I picked up a Grinch Tree that I pre ordered from Funky Petals:

I was able to request the colours that I wanted for my home decor.

Today I made a Tomte for the front yard with fresh greenery from Salisbury Green House:

So FUN!!!  

Back to work tomorrow so not a lot of crafting will take place this week.  

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the BEST Day EVER Monday tomorrow.  Stay Safe 😷


Wednesday, 11 November 2020

We Will Remember...

 Good Evening Internet Friends! 

Today was another day to appreciate all that we have in this time of Covid.  Yet another significant day impacted as we "soldier on" in our quest to hopefully contain it.

There were no Remembrance Day Celebrations here in the community.  I did take doggie out on a walk to observe some of the tributes to the Canadian Armed Forces.  While we were out three Griffon Helicopters flew over:

For lunch I made a baked cream cheese, parmesan, artichoke dip all from pantry and refrigerator ingredients.  Served this along with veggies, fresh dates, and multigrain chips.  BEST Lunch EVER!!!  

Growing up my mom had a Tupperware roaster.  It eventually started to break down and there was no replacement for it.  Until recently!  Last week I received my new Ultra Pro Casserole!!!  It's large enough that I probably could have put 2 roaster chickens in it!  The chicken came out nicely browned and not dry at all!  I had topped the chicken with pesto and sundried tomatoes:

Served with 4 cheese and green onion scalloped potatoes, multi coloured carrots, and a stuffing from croutons all found in the pantry or refrigerator it was a DELICIOUS dinner!

After dinner I decided to stare at my October 2020 Paper Pumpkin kit.  After a good long stare I decided that I did not like the instructions so I decided to make 4 of the Christmas Cards my way:

TAH DAH!!!  Not as fancy as the kit pattern, but less I think is better in this case.

Hope this inspired your own creativity and wishing you all the BEST Day EVER Thursday tomorrow.  Stay Safe out there 😷


Monday, 2 November 2020


 Good Evening Internet Friends!

Well, it's Monday and that's about all there is to say about that!  Always a hard day after time change.

Back to work of course today.

This evening after dinner I did a bit of knitting and got through the first pattern repeat of the Fogo Island Mittens from the Saltwater Knits books from River City Yarns


Fingers crossed that the weather holds a few more days and I can finish the left mitten before the snow flies.

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the BEST Day EVER Tuesday tomorrow.  Stay safe out there.  😷


Sunday, 1 November 2020

What Time Is It???

 Good Evening Internet Friends!!! 

Seriously though.....what time is it???  I still really hate time change and do not see a reason for it.

Took doggie for an extra long walk with the extra time I had today.  A beautiful day out there.  I did manage to somehow get hit by a bicyclist.  Have kept moving since then to try and decrease stiffness tomorrow as some large bruises are starting to form.

Several geese honking about the ice on the lake.  

Still pretty green outside for November 01.

Limped my way home and made some Lentil Soup and added fresh lemon juice to it.  SOOOOOOO Yum topped with Feta and fresh green onions.  

Took a nap after lunch as the anti inflammatory medication was starting to work.

Earlier this morning I put chicken in the slow cooker for Cashew Broccoli Chicken for dinner for kiddo.  Turned out pretty tasty he reported.

Going to limp the dog out now for a bit of an evening stroll.  Will see how that goes.  Lunches are packed for tomorrow as well as breakfast prep.

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the BEST Day EVER Monday tomorrow.  Stay safe out there😷


Sunday, 18 October 2020

Lazy Sunday...

 Good Evening Internet Friends.

Had a good Ole Lazy Sunday today.

Took doggie out for his walk at 0500 and then just puttered around for a bit.  Doggie went to sleep in front of the fireplace.  

Breakfast was toasted Blueberry bagels from Costco with homemade jelly, a poached egg, and a tall glass of milk; comfort food:

After breakfast I mixed up a batch of sour cream, and green onion bread.  While the bread rose I took doggie out for a stroll in the daylight and through some of the bush trails that are not yet developed here.  Found out that the lakes are starting to freeze over.  The ducks looked cold: 🦆

Back home I put the bread in to bake and made a batch of "Dishwater Soup" as we call it.  Basically it is all the veggies one has in the fridge along with the left over turkey and broth from Thanksgiving:


Nutritious and Delicious!!!

After lunch I spent a bit of time in my craft room and assembled this table runner kit that I bought for my brother about 8 years ago and just stare at.  Today I actually put it together.  Will stop at Sew Divine next weekend and see if I can get some kind of fusible batting so that I don't have to do too much quilting on this:

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the BEST Day EVER Monday tomorrow.  Stay Safe out there 😷


Saturday, 17 October 2020

Let's GO!!!

 Good Evening Internet Friends! 

Still NO SNOW here!!!❅❆❄

Super Busy Day today, but very productive.  One of the goals I have been working on is making sure that I support local and especially small local businesses as much as possible.  I started to focus on this a few years back but since the pandemic started I have made a concentrated effort to do this.  Groceries are purchased weekly at Costco due to their rewards system as well as them being an active supporter of charity in the community and treating their staff from what I have heard.  The things that I cannot get there I purchase on Saturday at local small businesses.

First stop today was at Donut Party.  They make amazing donuts that my son just loves.  Their customer service though is kind of lacking as when I asked about delivery during the pandemic the owner refused to deliver to our neighbourhood despite several other small bakeries delivering here twice a week.

There are 2 coconut cream, 2 Pumpkin Cream Cheese, a Birthday Cake and a Snickers donut.  They really are delicious.

Then it was off to Sherwood Park Shoe Repair to pick up my Brooks Tall winter boots that I dropped off for heel repair last week.  These are the most AMAZING boots ever.  With leather outer and shearling lining these boots are always warm!  Unfortunately, they are no longer manufactured and the classic boot is no where near as warm or comfortable.  Looks like I will be repairing these for a while:

At the local tailor I dropped off 2 pairs of scrub pants for hemming and my down fill ski jacket for a new zipper.  Repairing everything for winter!  🧥

A stop at the Post Office and at the Bottle Depot with recyclables rounded out the day.

On top of this I managed to get 9 loads of laundry done.  As of writing this all linen in this house has been washed!!  

Dinner was Lentil Taco's (kiddo hates Salsa and tomatoes):

That's okay....I get more to myself!!!

After dinner I spent some time in my craft room before taking doggie out for his walk.  I decided to finish up the "Sew" Fast Runner that I purchased 2 years ago from The Fabric Addict.  The top was pieced soon after I got it.....but I'm not a fan of the "quilting" process (shhhhh.....don't tell any quilter I said that) and not a fan of the binding process either.  This table runner needed BOTH of these tasks.  "SEW"  I set about doing both of these dreaded tasks this evening:

And DONE!!!  This little cutie is put away for Thanksgiving 2021!

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the BEST Day EVER Sunday tomorrow.  Stay Safe out there 😷


Friday, 16 October 2020

And Another One...

 Good Evening Internet Friends!

Good news!!!  No snow yet so far today and really there is not much left of today🤣.

End of the work week felt good as still not feeling well from the "head cold" I managed to get earlier this week.  

After dinner I spent some time in my craft room, but super slow moving so it took me a while to get another Bear Paw Block finished.  This is Block 6 I think of 18 that I need to make for the 2020 Darlene D'Eon Designs 52 Week Block Challenge.  Once again I am using all scraps for this quilt:

TAH DAH!!!  

Will get caught up one of these days.  

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the BEST Day EVER Saturday tomorrow.  Stay Safe out there.  😷