Sunday 2 October 2022

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

 Good Evening Internet Friends!

Wow!!  It's been almost a year since I last posted.  Hmmm.  Not sure where the time went, but....

Today I packed up the family and decided to make use of the yearly Parks Canada Pass and road tripped out to Elk Island National Park.  We hoped to chance upon some bison. Today turned out to be a fantastic day to see the bison!!

Hope this inspires your own creativity and desire to take a quick road trip.


Sunday 21 November 2021

BEST Day EVER Sunday

BEST Day EVER Sunday! πŸ€—  Good Evening Internet Friends.   Decided to blog this evening as it has been a while.....

Out for doggie walk at 0500.  Love that time out there as no noise, nothing happening; very tranquil.   

Knit for a bit when we got back before starting the 7 loads of laundry to do today.  

Made Oatmeal, Flaxseed, Blueberry Waffles topped with more blueberries for kiddo for breakfast/brunch.  

Later popped some white popcorn and drizzled with Evoolution Butter Infused Olive Oil and Truffle Salt for mid day snack.  

Put the binding on the Christmas Tree Skirt kit I purchased at Sew Divine in Edmonton in the last couple years (not sure the's been in the UFO pile for a while).  🀷‍♀️

Lunches prepped for tomorrow.  Now to walk doggie and get some sleep.

LOVE this planet 🌎🐒❤🧑

Friday 2 July 2021

And Then....

 Good Evening Internet Friends!!!

Super busy of late and forget to post here.  On vacation at the moment.  First week almost finished...  Have not accomplished much as the temperature has been in the 35 Celsius + (95 Fahrenheit) range all week!!! Too hot to do anything. 

I did almost finish my Finish Line Socks today.  These are from the January Biscotte Yarns Mystery Sock Box.  Will Kitchener Stitch these closed tomorrow.  

Just after I received this box Kitty destroyed the contrast colour!!!  I contacted Biscotte Yarns and not only were they super helpful but their first concern was for Kitty!!!  Love supporting small businesses for their amazing customer service.  

During our move and the build of our new home doggie was without a fenced yard.  For those 2 years he had to be walked at least twice a day and I have continued that with him.  Great exercise, and I have zero dog mess in my yard. 

 Every day we walk through a wooded area next to a new construction site.  There are always lots of fresh excavated rocks out and about.  I love rocks!  Always have.  I have started to collect these rocks rather than just look at them and bring them home to my backyard flower bed.  So far I have:

Early this spring I decided that I would start my own seedlings at home rather than participate in the panic rush at the greenhouse.  Last year everything was sold out in record time.  I purchased the Vita garden beds from Costco and set forth on my garden adventure. Zucchini is in bloom and has little zucchini.  Seeds from 

Raspberries also from Costco greenhouse:

Seed potatoes from Salisbury Greenhouse in Sherwood Park:

Tomatoes are also from Seeds of Change seeds:

While out on our walk this evening we ran in to a Dumb Bunny.  S/he stopped about a meter in front of dog and just stared at us.  Did sit right down before eventually casually hopping off!  

So.....cue the music...that's all folks.  Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you a BEST Day EVER Saturday tomorrow. 


Sunday 4 April 2021

Easter Sunday

Good Evening Internet Friends!  

Happy Easter to everyone.  

Quiet day at home of course.  Another Easter at home following local Public Health Guidelines.  Spent some time playing board games, a walk through the community and eating TOO much chocolate.  

Did make kiddo a slow cooker turkey breast dinner, crouton stuffing, parsnip/roasted garlic mashed potatoes,  steamed broccoli, and turkey gravy.  

After dinner started assembly on my version of the 2020 Darlene D'Eon Designs 52 Week Challenge.   All made with scrap left overs from other projects.

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all a BEST Day EVER Monday tomorrow.   Stay Safe😷.


Sunday 28 March 2021

Palm Sunday...

 Good Evening Internet Friends!

Somehow it seems shocking to realize that today is already Palm Sunday!  It feels like I have done nothing this year and yet it's a 1/4 finished!!

Started the day out with oven baked fresh strawberry, blueberry French Toast, topped with Vanilla Sugar, whipped cream and Quebec Maple Syrup.  Sooo YUM!

After breakfast took doggie out for his mid morning stroll through the neighborhood.  Bruce the Goose and all his kin folk seem to be moving in and Goose Steppin' around:

Baked 2 loaves of Lemon, Poppy Seed Thyme Bread this afternoon.  It smelled and tasted awesome!!

 Still on my clean everything mission so did 7 loads of laundry today.  As of now everything is washed, folded and put away!!  House smells super clean and awesome!

In between loads of laundry I knitted on my Finish Line Socks.  These are from the Jan/Feb Biscotte Yarns Mystery Sock Box. 

For dinner I made kiddo a mushroom, dill bison roast in the slow cooker.  Served with roasted garlic, parsnip, mashed potatoes, dill salad and a home made dill pickle:

Kiddo enjoyed.  

This evening after floors were vacuumed and mopped I spent a bit of time in my craft room and made another 2020 Darlene D'Eon Designs 52 Week Challenge Block.  "Sew" close to being done this one and getting it out to be long armed:


Spring Break all of this week so will see what I can get in to.  Staying home and staying safe.

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you a BEST Day EVER Monday tomorrow.  Stay Safe.😷


Saturday 27 March 2021

BEST Day EVER Saturday...

Good Evening Internet Friends!  Super busy of late I guess so no blogging time...πŸ€”

It's been over a year since I went on my only shop local small businesses and Costco (because they are a good employer) mission.  To be honest I don't miss anything that the malls or box stores offer, only shopped the "A" online place once years ago (huge disappointment), and this feels good socially. 😊

On Wednesday got pet supplies from Homes Alive Pets.  Alberta owned and operated with lots of Canadian products, fabulous customer service and a delivery option!  Doggie was sure all of this was for him. πŸ˜†πŸ•

Today I had my hair done with the amazing Michelle at Jolie Hair & Beauty.  She can cut hair that keeps natural curls from going frizzy!!! 🀯πŸ₯³

Got a bottle of the most amazing (lightly scented so no asthma attack) hand lotion that is super soft on my hand sanitizer exacerbated eczema there too!

A not so quick trip in to Sew Divine for some border fabric yielded these finds!!! Cat fabric among other things and my Kona Club for April!πŸ˜„

Put my hand splints on this evening and finished the binding on this table runner.  Picked it up at Sew Divine ...a year...or two ago.

Hope this inspires your own creativity and Stay Safe Out there.  😷😷

Wishing you all a BEST Day EVER Sunday tomorrow.  


Sunday 10 January 2021

Christmas 2!

Good Evening Internet Friends!!

Quick post this evening as heading out to get doggie walked before bedtime.  Full work week ahead and back to school this week for kiddo.

Super busy the last few days, work, and all the other things that go along with running a household, doggie walks and throw in some Nordic skiing.

Today I prepped dinner so that it would assemble quickly after a trip this afternoon to Hawrelak Park for Nordic Skiing.

Earlier in the week I had not had time to do anything for Ukrainian Christmas.  Today I made a quasi Ukrainian Christmas Dinner.  Not the 12 dishes it should be, but.......

Freezer pyrohy, poached salmon with a sour cream dill sauce, green salad, sour cabbage cabbage rolls that I made when I got back from skiing, homemade dill pickles and an apple crisp!  

SOOOOOOOO full, but super yum!

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all a BEST Day EVER Monday.  Stay safe out there😷