Sunday, 28 February 2016

Eastbound and Down

Good Evening Internet Friends.

Last evening kiddo and I took hubby out for dinner to celebrate his birthday earlier in the week.  We had planned to go to Red Lobster but upon arrival the place was PACKED and the lineup was literally out the door.  We went to the Olive Garden.  We did have to wait, but not as long.  

It was just before 9 pm when we got out.  I started the drive home, kiddo was stuffed with pasta as was hubby and the Yellowhead seemed to be calling.  It has been a long time since I just went for a no purpose drive.  So as my passengers dozed off on me the Go Go Go Toyota with a full tank of gas and I were Eastbound and Down.  

I drove east as far as the Mundare turn off about 45 minutes from home before turning around because I decided to be responsible.  For some reason I just needed to get out of the city and feel the open highway and space.  Being free on the open highway at night with the stars shining seemed to put things in perspective for me for that time.  

Today I did some housework, laundry and made lasagna for dinner.  Should make a couple of dinners this week as well.

This afternoon I took a bit of time to myself and did some knitting:

Tried it on to see how it fits.  I chose to just do a plain back rather than the elaborate stitching on the back as I have skinny feet and ankles.  Glad I did because with the pattern on the front and only 60 stitches these socks are a wee bit loose!

Hubby and kiddo are off to the Oilers game so I am home alone.  Something seems wrong....the house is way too quiet.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Friday, 26 February 2016

Teacher's Convention

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

My son had today off for Teacher's Convention and I had my regular day off today.

We stayed up late last night watching movies and then slept in this morning.

After breakfast we headed out to Emerald Hills to do some shopping.  We hit up almost every store there and got him a hair cut before going to Red Robin for lunch.

After lunch we came home, took the dog out for a walk and then made dinner.

My Yarn Crush box arrived and I was so excited about this months shipment.  The box contained:
A Thrumming Kit for a Full pair of mittens, not fingerless mittens.  I am so excited to get started on these, but I got two sets of socks on the go, and some quilting, oh and wait some scrapbooking things too!

As for scrapbooking I did finally finish my December box of Paper Pumpkin:
The kit was for a monthly calendar on a holder stand.

I have cancelled my subscription to Paper Pumpkin as of this month because the kits are really hit and miss with regards to quality.  The paper is not Stampin' Up quality and there are a lot of kits that I just don't like and will not likely ever use.

Now I should likely go to my craft room and do some of these projects ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Saturday, 20 February 2016

Leisurely Saturday ☺

Good Evening Internet Friends.

My week of vacation is almost over!  I cannot believe how the time sped past and I accomplished a whole lot (more like a little) bit of NOTHING.

Today my son had swimming lessons so we did have to be out of the house by 1000 hours.  After swimming we came home and had lunch.

After getting a load of laundry going I went to my craft room.

Late last night I messaged my friend Sharon from 4 Paws Quilting to see if she would agree to long arm a few table runners that I have.  These table runners are sitting in my craft room because I am too lazy to quilt them.  She of course was agreeable.  I spent the rest of my afternoon getting 4 table runners finished off, backings found, batting cut and ready to be delivered to her tomorrow when we walk the dog!

The last one to finish today was the applique on this one:

I started this one last fall but alas it has sat now for a while all done except for the blanket stitching around the fruits.  It is one of the seasonal kits from the Quilt Patch.  I LOVE their stuff.

Took my son for dinner at The Dish Bistro this evening.  It was delightful as usual.

Watched a couple of movies this evening and now off to bed because I better start getting used to going to bed at night again. ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Friday, 19 February 2016

My Week is Over.....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

So after having this week at home of vacation time that I really had big plans for with regards to cleaning up and getting stuff done in my craft room, I have not done any of it!

Tuesday I ran some errands, returned the recycling and took my sons old clothes to the thrift store.  I did stop at River City Yarns and got a couple skeins of fun yarns.

Wednesday was lunch with my friend Brandy at Duchess.  Of course we stopped at Provisions afterwards.  The new cookbook Butter Celebrates was in stock and of course I had to purchase that.

Thursday was a medical appointment and a few more errands.

Today was hair cut with Mallory at Crazy Beautiful.  Afterwards I stopped for groceries at Costco.  While there I saw something called a Happiness Journal.  It looked kind of fun, but I realized that instead of spending $13 on this item, I could go home and make myself one!  So that is what I spent this afternoon doing:

This evening I will watch a movie with my son and not stay up too late because tomorrow is swimming and I am going to take him out for dinner tomorrow evening.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Monday, 15 February 2016

Knit, wait, what???

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I hope each of you had a wonderful Family Day and were able to spend some time with your family.

As for our house it was pajama day for most of the day.

We had left over waffles for breakfast, watched some television and then each did some reading.  After lunch my son and I played two board games and then I had a nap while he played Minecraft.

After my nap I decided to tackle once again my September 2015 subscription of Yarn Crush.  This pattern has been a challenge for me.  First of all it is a toe up pattern, I dislike these patterns, not sure exactly why but they just "seem" wrong.  Then there has been several errors in the pattern along with a sizing issue for me; I have narrow and small feet so even the smallest size if worked to pattern would have a sock 2" too long for my little feet.

I am not sure how many times I have started and re-started this sock, but as of this evening the heel is done and I am on my way up the leg.  Homeward bound.  I think that at this point I am going to modify the pattern and just have a plain back with the pattern on the front because the pattern is quite intricate and I am afraid (as I have learned from other patterns) that with the amount of intricate detail in there the sock may be wider in the leg than I need.  

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Awful Waffle Sunday...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

My son woke up this morning asking for Waffles since it's Sunday.  When we make waffles on Sunday we call it Awful Waffle Sunday just because it rhymes!


After breakfast we watched television for a while.  Nothing really interesting but snuggled up under quilts on the couch was relaxing.

After lunch I did a bit of house work and laundry.  Attempted to organize my craft room but failed at that so we decided to make cupcakes:

While the cupcakes were baking I made the buttercream icing and my son added the color to one batch to make the hearts.

I iced the basic cupcake but he drew the hearts and put on the sprinkles.  Two dozen yummy cupcakes waiting to be eaten!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Saturday, 13 February 2016

It's Saturday ☺

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Although it is Saturday of the Family Day Weekend my son and I were up early.

The first thing we had to do was attend the Home Depot Kids Workshop and build:

A Valentine's Mail box!

Then it was off to swimming.

A quick stop for some groceries and then a stop by the Terwillegar Dog Park as I have heard rave reviews about it.  Hmmmmmm, not really sure it is all that great.  I will definitely not be driving across the city to get to it again any time soon.

For dinner we had taco's on baked sweet potatoes:

After dinner we watched The Sponge Bob Movie.  Not sure about that movie at all.  Maybe I needed more "special" brownies to watch it......I don't know.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Friday, 12 February 2016

Valentine's Day Treats

Good Late Evening Internet Friends.

You would think that with the amount of time I have had off in the past few weeks I could have got the treats for my son's class done early.  Nope.  Late yesterday after piano and dinner, guess what we are doing???  

Last month's box of Paper Pumpkin was first of all really cheap and I'm not sure exactly what one was supposed to do with it.  I needed 30 Valentine's treats though so this is what we did with it:

My son misspelled a complicated classmate's name so now were down to 29.  Great \: {

A wander through my craft room and I found these packages from another craft project:

We put the candy and chocolate inside and gave this one to the teacher since it was different.  All done in less than 60 minutes.  YAY us.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Thursday, 11 February 2016

The 2 Day Work Week is DONE!!!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Yes, you read that correctly.  After having last week off due to my injury and Monday and Tuesday being part of my regular days off, I only worked Wednesday and Thursday this week.  The Social Worker joked yesterday and today about that and many times "Thanked" me for showing up yesterday and then today for two days in a row!

This evening was piano lessons and then a stop at the St. Albert Public Library for some books I had requested.

After dinner my son and I assembled the Valentine's treats for his class.  Then off to bed.

I went to my craft room for a bit and made the last of 6 1/2" Churn Dash Blocks:

Tomorrow I might be able to start on the larger ones, however, since my friends know that I am staying home for this vacation the offers for lunch dates have started pouring in!

Tomorrow I am off to have sushi lunch with my friend Helen.  Later in the evening another friend and I are going to go to a yoga class and then out for coffee.  Kiddo is going to have a play date with his twin friends, so I get some ME time.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Block 47!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Back to work today, and then tomorrow before I start a week of vacation!  ☺

I have to book my vacation a year in advance, so I booked this week thinking that we could get away somewhere warm for a bit.  Unfortunately, my husband's work schedule changed and now he has left back for camp so I will be home for vacation.  I have however made lunch date plans with friends for most days next week ☺

After getting kiddo off to bed this evening I made one more block for the Churn Dash Challenge; Meet Block 47:

Now, if I am not up too late tomorrow making Valentine's Treat baggies for my son's class I might be able to get the last of these blocks done.  There are 4 larger ones to be completed after that. ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Monday, 8 February 2016

Block 46!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

"Sew" it was my once every four weeks day off on a Monday.  Had great intentions for today, but I lost them somewhere....  really accomplished not a lot of nothing.  Seriously.

Kiddo and hubby were at another Boy Scouts thingy tonight "sew" I spent a bit of time in my craft room and made one more block for the Churn Dash Challenge:

Then I decided to curl up on the couch in my jammies with a quilt and a book.  Guess who fell asleep?

Have big plans for tomorrow, but will see how that goes....

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Saturday, 6 February 2016

Block 45!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Although I have the house to myself and I went to bed at 0130 this morning, I was still up by 0730.  Household chores all done including vacuuming and laundry done by 1000 so I decided to head out and do some shopping all by myself.  It is quite hard when you have to take an 11 year old boy with you to shop for yourself.

I headed off to South Edmonton Common because EVERYTHING is there.  Well, 5 hours later I finally left there.  Shopping is exhausting I realize and no wonder with a child in tow it is even slower!

I headed off to Pet Value to pick up Performatrin puppy food as the puppy was almost out AGAIN!!!!  He's part horse I swear ☺

I stopped at Lori's Country Cottage to pick up my latest (although apparently it has been sitting there for a while, no one let me know) issue of Block.  I was greeted quite abruptly at the entrance by a lady asking why I was there and did I know what I wanted because the store closed in "2" minutes!!!  In actuality it was "7" minutes, but since I did not feel like arguing with her I just left.  I will try to pick it up later this week or next and cancel my subscription and order from somewhere else ☺

This evening after walking puppy the couple of blocks that I could I did go down to my craft room and made Block 45 of the Churn Dash Challenge:

Yes, this is block 45 as I did an actual count on them!  Only three more to go and then 4 large ones!

Now I think I will take a bubble bath, make a warm tea and curl up with my knitting for the evening.

Tomorrow kiddo and hubby will be home and I am thinking that means LOTS of very dirty laundry.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Friday, 5 February 2016

Block Something...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

This morning my friend Sharon of 4 Paws Quilting and I headed out on a quilting road trip.  Sharon had to drive cause my right hip is still black and blue and very painful.

We headed for Prairie Points Quilt Shop in Ponoka for the closing out sale.  I am very sad about this as this is one of my favorite quilt shops.  Lynn the owner says that she has plans that she is up to in about 6 months but for now apparently the Missionary (?) store is taking over the mini mall.  

I will post pictures of my treasures tomorrow as after getting kiddo and hubby packed up for their Boy Scout camping trip and my road trip today I am quite sore so will be taking a bubble bath and heading to bed early (on a Friday evening....yes).

I did sew one more Churn Dash Challenge Block:

As of right now I have no idea what number of block this is as I found another one under my ironing board this evening while looking for scraps to make this one!  Not sure if I have already accounted for that one so will count in the morning I guess.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Ambulating Somewhat....

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

I woke up this morning still having lots of pain all over from my recent fall.  Got kiddo ready for school and then decided I still needed to take a nap. 

Napped for a bit before a friend whom I have not chatted with in a few weeks called to see how I was doing.  There went an hour, but a really good one.  We are meeting for lunch later this month.

I did manage to get myself down stairs to my craft room this afternoon and make one more Churn Dash Challenge block.  This is Block 42:

Then I needed pain medication so it was back up to the main level of the house and of course after medication, time for a nap.

When kiddo got home from school he decided that he wanted to make supper.  He has decided that one of the badges that he would like to get for Boy Scouts this year is his Cooking Badge.  So we found a really simple recipe that he could do all by himself; Baked Sour Cream Chicken:

He did get one potato peeled for the mashed potatoes.  It is a learning curve.  Then he made a green salad to go along with it.  Tasted good.

This evening we spent time getting things ready for the Boy Scout camporee thingy this weekend.  Since we use a 5th wheel to camp in, this is quite the adventure for all of us.  Hubby went to one side of town to get supplies and I headed to the other side of town to get the necessities:

When we got home kiddo reminded me that he needed a First Aid Kit as well.  Thankfully mom is a RN and that random odd stuff that is in your pockets at the end of shift came in handy tonight:

My paramedic friend is laughing about this as she thinks it is probably better stocked than the purchased ones the other children have ☺

Now of course I cannot think of a Scout Jamboree with out thinking of Fred and Barney in the Flintstones Boy Scout Jamboree.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Another Day..

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I did make it down to my craft room very slowly and carefully for a bit this afternoon.  My hip pain with the large hematoma is now named by me either a "BUM"p or a Mass in the Ass.  It makes sitting for long duration difficult and even in the car tonight it is quite awkward to sit, although the heated seats fit against it better than the heating pad!

In my craft room I only reached as far as the end of my desk for some random scraps and managed to make one more Churn Dash Block:
Meet Block 41!!!

Looks like it will be another early night for me as the pain medication is leading me to bed....  nighty night....

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Monday, 1 February 2016

What Happened???

Good Evening Internet Friends!

As you know I went on my seven mile walk yesterday and it was a great day.  Everything was super icy and twice my feet slipped out from underneath me completely and I landed on my back.  I knew I would be sore today but had difficulty last night sleeping due to the pain in my right lower hip.  I awoke this morning to a tennis ball sized hematoma.  That is painful!!!!

I had to go see my family physician today about this.  I am now off of work for the rest of the week to let this heal and re-absorb or whatever and rest.  I have been x-rayed enough to glow in the dark tonight and maybe for the week as I have bruises everywhere on my right side where I fell both times.

I tried to do a bit of crafting today, however, sitting is a difficult position and as such all I accomplished today was firstly getting down to my craft room and then this:
Block 40!

Now to see if I can get out of my craft room and maybe even into the jet tub!!!  ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...