Thursday, 4 February 2016

Ambulating Somewhat....

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

I woke up this morning still having lots of pain all over from my recent fall.  Got kiddo ready for school and then decided I still needed to take a nap. 

Napped for a bit before a friend whom I have not chatted with in a few weeks called to see how I was doing.  There went an hour, but a really good one.  We are meeting for lunch later this month.

I did manage to get myself down stairs to my craft room this afternoon and make one more Churn Dash Challenge block.  This is Block 42:

Then I needed pain medication so it was back up to the main level of the house and of course after medication, time for a nap.

When kiddo got home from school he decided that he wanted to make supper.  He has decided that one of the badges that he would like to get for Boy Scouts this year is his Cooking Badge.  So we found a really simple recipe that he could do all by himself; Baked Sour Cream Chicken:

He did get one potato peeled for the mashed potatoes.  It is a learning curve.  Then he made a green salad to go along with it.  Tasted good.

This evening we spent time getting things ready for the Boy Scout camporee thingy this weekend.  Since we use a 5th wheel to camp in, this is quite the adventure for all of us.  Hubby went to one side of town to get supplies and I headed to the other side of town to get the necessities:

When we got home kiddo reminded me that he needed a First Aid Kit as well.  Thankfully mom is a RN and that random odd stuff that is in your pockets at the end of shift came in handy tonight:

My paramedic friend is laughing about this as she thinks it is probably better stocked than the purchased ones the other children have ☺

Now of course I cannot think of a Scout Jamboree with out thinking of Fred and Barney in the Flintstones Boy Scout Jamboree.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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