Thursday, 11 February 2016

The 2 Day Work Week is DONE!!!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Yes, you read that correctly.  After having last week off due to my injury and Monday and Tuesday being part of my regular days off, I only worked Wednesday and Thursday this week.  The Social Worker joked yesterday and today about that and many times "Thanked" me for showing up yesterday and then today for two days in a row!

This evening was piano lessons and then a stop at the St. Albert Public Library for some books I had requested.

After dinner my son and I assembled the Valentine's treats for his class.  Then off to bed.

I went to my craft room for a bit and made the last of 6 1/2" Churn Dash Blocks:

Tomorrow I might be able to start on the larger ones, however, since my friends know that I am staying home for this vacation the offers for lunch dates have started pouring in!

Tomorrow I am off to have sushi lunch with my friend Helen.  Later in the evening another friend and I are going to go to a yoga class and then out for coffee.  Kiddo is going to have a play date with his twin friends, so I get some ME time.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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