Saturday, 6 February 2016

Block 45!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Although I have the house to myself and I went to bed at 0130 this morning, I was still up by 0730.  Household chores all done including vacuuming and laundry done by 1000 so I decided to head out and do some shopping all by myself.  It is quite hard when you have to take an 11 year old boy with you to shop for yourself.

I headed off to South Edmonton Common because EVERYTHING is there.  Well, 5 hours later I finally left there.  Shopping is exhausting I realize and no wonder with a child in tow it is even slower!

I headed off to Pet Value to pick up Performatrin puppy food as the puppy was almost out AGAIN!!!!  He's part horse I swear ☺

I stopped at Lori's Country Cottage to pick up my latest (although apparently it has been sitting there for a while, no one let me know) issue of Block.  I was greeted quite abruptly at the entrance by a lady asking why I was there and did I know what I wanted because the store closed in "2" minutes!!!  In actuality it was "7" minutes, but since I did not feel like arguing with her I just left.  I will try to pick it up later this week or next and cancel my subscription and order from somewhere else ☺

This evening after walking puppy the couple of blocks that I could I did go down to my craft room and made Block 45 of the Churn Dash Challenge:

Yes, this is block 45 as I did an actual count on them!  Only three more to go and then 4 large ones!

Now I think I will take a bubble bath, make a warm tea and curl up with my knitting for the evening.

Tomorrow kiddo and hubby will be home and I am thinking that means LOTS of very dirty laundry.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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