Friday, 19 February 2016

My Week is Over.....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

So after having this week at home of vacation time that I really had big plans for with regards to cleaning up and getting stuff done in my craft room, I have not done any of it!

Tuesday I ran some errands, returned the recycling and took my sons old clothes to the thrift store.  I did stop at River City Yarns and got a couple skeins of fun yarns.

Wednesday was lunch with my friend Brandy at Duchess.  Of course we stopped at Provisions afterwards.  The new cookbook Butter Celebrates was in stock and of course I had to purchase that.

Thursday was a medical appointment and a few more errands.

Today was hair cut with Mallory at Crazy Beautiful.  Afterwards I stopped for groceries at Costco.  While there I saw something called a Happiness Journal.  It looked kind of fun, but I realized that instead of spending $13 on this item, I could go home and make myself one!  So that is what I spent this afternoon doing:

This evening I will watch a movie with my son and not stay up too late because tomorrow is swimming and I am going to take him out for dinner tomorrow evening.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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  1. I had this week off too and accomplished nothing! LOL. I did get baby cuddles and have caught a cold......