Thursday, 31 January 2019

"Sew" Productive...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

End of the work week for me today!  "Sew" after dinner prep, dinner, and dog walk I took some time to myself and played in my craft room.

Trying to stay on track with things I decided to finish up Block 2 of my Lush quilt.  This is a Block of the Month from Sew Divine:

Month 2 blocks completed.

Month 1 and Month 2 blocks put together.  These will form borders of the quilt eventually.

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the 
BEST Day EVER Friday!!๐ŸŽ‰


Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Week FIVE!!!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

"Sew" it is already Week 5 of the 52 Block Challenged hosted by A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop and I have still managed to keep up!!!  This might just possibly be a first for me:

Still using up scrap fabrics "sew" no previously unused fabrics were harmed in the making of this!  Seriously LOVE these scrap quilts.

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the 
BEST Day EVER Wednesday tomorrow.


Monday, 28 January 2019

Month Two...

Good Evening Internet Friends.

Stopped by Sew Divine this evening to pick up month three of my Block of the Month.  I may have also picked up a couple of notion items that I am going to need.

As I have not yet started month two I decided to do that this evening after dinner.  Here is my slow progress so far:

TAH DAH!!!  Six 6 1/2" blocks ready to roll.  It does not look like a lot of progress but I will justify this progress by saying all the fabric for this month is now cut "sew" sewing tomorrow should be easier!

LOVE these colours.

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you the 
BEST Day EVER Tuesday tomorrow.  ๐ŸŽ‰


Sunday, 27 January 2019

Happy Monkey Face Cake Day...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I worked part time and casual for 17 years with an amazing group of Community Care RN's.  During my time at this clinic one of the staff came up with Happy Monkey Face Cake Day because everyone likes monkey's and everyone likes cake. True.

Now that I am working in a different clinic full time and no longer picking up shifts there I have brought Happy Monkey Face Cake Day to my new clinic.

Happy Monkey Face Cake Day is celebrated on January 28th unless there is a weekend at which time the rules get fuzzy....this year Happy Monkey Face Cake Day is tomorrow.

This evening I made:


Hoping this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the 
BEST Monday EVER tomorrow.


Saturday, 26 January 2019


Good Evening Internet Friends!

Alas, I had such high hopes and expectations for this weekend, but thanks to the asthma attack yesterday I was in s...l....o....w.... motion today.

Dog of course woke me up way too early to take him for his walk.  I did not walk very fast and so he had lots of time to snuffle around.  He did not seem to mind.  I do have to admit that I love these morning walks.  Everything is just very peaceful and calm out there and the parks and paths look so pretty:

One of our favourite stomping grounds.

Took me quite a while to get home due to my slow moving speed, but on the way home I decided that I would make buttermilk waffles for breakfast.


After a nap I headed out to support Local Quilt Shop Day.  Okay, truth is I decided to participate in a quilting class next weekend and needed some fabric for it.  I had no idea what I wanted other than I wanted navy for it and preferably bright colours.  Since I had NO idea what I was looking for I headed out to Johnson's Sewing Centre where I knew the amazing Heather would know what I need.  She did:

TAH DAH!!!  All ready for class.....except for cutting but you know I still have a week for that๐Ÿ˜‰.

While dinner was in the oven I made a loaf of banana bread to help out with the lunch prep for the week that I will start on tomorrow:

One less thing to do tomorrow.

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the 
BEST Sunday EVER tomorrow.๐ŸŽ‰


Friday, 25 January 2019

Wheeze On...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I was super excited last night with some of the things I have been able to accomplish of late.  Since moving I have somehow been able to keep fresh fruit and vegetables cut up ready for lunches in the refrigerator.  Have soups, casseroles, bread, and other baked goods ready for lunches, and other foods prepped and ready for dinner when I get home.  Then I do a bit of house tidy every evening.  Have somehow managed to stay on top of laundry at all times.  Dog is walked on the community trails and although that takes time I have NO backyard clean up.

After my "Adulting" occurs I spend a bit of time in my craft room and am starting to make some obvious progress on some of my TO DO pile of crafts.

One of these is the 2016 (not a typo) 52 Week Block Challenge Hosted by A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop.  Last evening I placed out all 52 blocks...yes there are only 49 in the picture....there is a reason:


Then I started to sew the blocks and rows together with the intent that I would really have SOMETHING to show you all this evening:

Well.....thanks to spending a good part of today in my favourite Emergency Department due to an asthma attack....this is as far as I got yesterday evening.  I am planning to head out in the morning for a bit and get a border fabric, binding and backing as tomorrow is Local Quilt Shop Day.  "Sew" of course I will be hitting up a couple of my favourite shops.  

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the 
BEST Day EVER Saturday tomorrow.  ๐ŸŽ‰


Thursday, 24 January 2019

"Sew" Excited...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

"Sew" excited.  I have been staying up a little later than I should have this week as I really wanted to accomplish something:

TAH DAH!!!  

This is my first of the Simple Whatnots Club 8 Collection.  There is a second quilt pattern also included with this month "sew" I also want to get started on that soon too!  

LOVE how these turned out and if I just focus on doing a wee bit each evening hopefully I do not get too far behind.

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you the 
BEST Friday EVER!!!๐ŸŽ‰


One Piece at a Time...

Good Evening Internet Friends!!

I may have stayed up a little later than I should have this week but the good news is:

I got the quilt top completed on this Simple Whatnots Club 8 Collection.  This quilt is called the Frugal Farm Wife.

LOVE how it turned out and feeling super accomplished to have completed something! 

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the 
BEST Day EVER Friday๐ŸŽ‰


Wednesday, 23 January 2019


Good Evening Friends!

Crazy busy day again today.

Up bright and early to walk the dog, lunches made and off to work.  This evening was make dinner, dust the furniture, sweep and vacuum and wash the floor and get the trash, recycling and compost out for pick up tomorrow.

Walked the dog again and then made a wee bit of ME time that I spent in my craft room.

Here is Week 4 of the Annual 52 Week Block Challenge hosted by A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop:

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you the 
BEST Day EVER Thursday tomorrow.


Tuesday, 22 January 2019

One Piece at A Time...

Good Evening Internet Friends!!!

Super busy start to the week.

Attended the Fort Saskatchewan Quilt Guild meeting last night.  It is on Monday evenings and they do activities frequently and on weekends "sew" much more likely I could participate in this Guild.  I have been asked to attend by a few members now for a while but never made the time.

After a busy day at work, dinner prep, kitchen and house tidy, dog walk and home work supervision I took a wee bit of time to myself and made:

This is the first of my Simple Whatnots 8 Club from Sew Charming Crafts.

"SEW" Cute!!!

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you the 
BEST Day EVER Wednesday!!!


Sunday, 20 January 2019

Living in Fast Forward...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I cannot believe my weekend is already OVER!!!

Saturday I did laundry.  Seriously.  All.  Day.  Not kidding.  EVERYTHING in the house is washed.

Ran a few errands and then set about getting ready for the week ahead.

Made a dinner of Couscous Lentil Stuffed Peppers:

Popped the left overs in to the freezer and will have for lunches this week.

Today I participated with my friend again as a volunteer for World Snow Day Hot Chocolate Sunday Canadian Birkebeiner.  It was an amazing ski day and everyone got home safe so I also thought that was a good day.

And......we DID NOT get Lost ☺

For dinner I made a cottage cheese souffle.  Cottage Cheese was on sale last week at Costco and of course I purchased:

This is always fabulous with garlic bread and a green salad.  Yummy.

While the souffle was baking I mixed up a batch of Whole Wheat Oatmeal Banana Chip muffins for lunches this week:

Kiddo gave the thumbs up on these.

After dinner I cut the fabric for my Simple Whatnots Club from Sew Charming Crafts.  I did manage to get one corner piece sewed to all 36 blocks but got tired of cutting off the corners "sew" this is where I quit for this evening.  Will try to finish tomorrow:

These are just TOO Cute in my opinion.

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the 
BEST Day EVER Monday๐ŸŽ‰


Friday, 18 January 2019

Whack To the Noggin'

Good Evening Internet Friends!

This evening was the first time since Tuesday evening that I have been able to craft.

Wednesday evening after getting home from work I took the dog out for a quick walk.  Slipped on the ice covered with loose snow pack and down I went banging my head twice!!!

Not sure how long I lay there but eventually I did get up because I was cold and got myself home.  Did neuro vitals every hour for a few hours and along with some Tylenol treated myself of course.

Lots of pain and muscle aches still and by early evening a whopping headache is present.

Was able to get three blocks for my 2018 Block a Week Challenge Completed tonight before the headache returned:


Here's Hoping this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the 
BEST Day EVER Saturday tomorrow.


Tuesday, 15 January 2019


Good Evening Internet Friends!!!

Super busy day at work today and then all the mom responsibilities this evening has made for a long day. 

Did take a little bit of time to me for a bit and made Block 20 of the 52 Week Block Challenge hosted by A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop:


Maybe tomorrow I can start joining rows.....or maybe on the weekend ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the 
BEST Day EVER Wednesday tomorrow.๐ŸŽ‰


Monday, 14 January 2019

There's THREE!!!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Super busy day at work so very glad that dinner in the form of the lasagna was ready to go.

Out the door to my son's extracurricular activities then back home for the mundane of get ready for tomorrow and homework etc.

Over the Christmas vacation I had the insight to go through my scrap bags and prep some of the smaller pieces for the three scrap projects I am currently working on.  For a quick "sew" relaxing moment I made Block 3 of the 52 Week Block Challenge hosted by A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop:


Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the 
BEST Tuesday EVER!!!


Sunday, 13 January 2019

BEST Day EVER Sunday!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Doggie woke me up at regular time to go for a walk....apparently he did not receive the memo that it was THE weekend.

After returning home I decided that I would make French Toast for breakfast and use the fresh raspberries I had in the fridge from earlier this week:

Delicious of course, but this innocent breakfast is responsible for almost everything that happened after.

I used the last pieces of bread to make the French Toast and that meant I needed to make bread:

Dough rising in the sun beam looked so awesome.

Additionally, while I had been getting the raspberries out of the fridge I also remembered the 5 lb bag of beets that I had purchased at the same time as the raspberries because the beets were TOO good a deal.  So.....out came the food processor portion of the Kitchenaid and 5 lbs of beets and 2 lbs of carrots became:

Added some freezer peas,onions, some of the dill I dried last summer and Borscht soup for lunch was a GO!

Bread was baked and turned out FABULOUS.  Doggie was sitting in front of the oven door as usual waiting for it to be done so he could get the heels.  He did of course and was super happy:

Nothing tastes better than fresh bread in my opinion.

The Resident Cookie Monster had also mentioned as I was getting underway with all my baking/cooking projects today that the cookie jar was nearing empty!!!   Horror.  Well.....crisis was averted as I made Sea Salt Caramel Chip Cookies from a package of chips I had in the pantry:

These are pretty tasty!!!  You can try to eat just one......But......

Back to the refrigerator where I took out a zucchini, a red, yellow, and green pepper along with some spinach that was all going to need to be used up this week.  I decided that lasagna for dinner would take care of all of these vegetables and so that is what I made:

This should get us through dinners at least part of the week as it is a five day work week for me and a five day school week for kiddo.  On top of that all extracurricular activities will be resumed this week.  

While all of this baking and cooking was going on I also did an amazing amount of house cleaning!  Everything is washed, vacuumed, polished, scrubbed, and cleaned in some form.  The house looks and smells like HOME which is great because it was three months ago today that we spent our first night in our new home.  ๐Ÿก

So.........a GREAT day thanks to doggie not getting the weekend notice memo.  

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the
BEST Day EVER Monday tomorrow.


Saturday, 12 January 2019

Card Making Fun!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Part of Gal Pal Creative Weekend was being invited by a friend to attend a card making technique workshop that she and some gals were going to.

This was SO much fun and the cards are beautiful:

I will definitely be making these again!!

Hope this inspires your own creativity and 
Best Day EVER Sunday๐ŸŽ‰.


Friday, 11 January 2019

Almost out of the Teen's.....Quiltwise...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

This weekend I was privileged to be asked by a friend if I wanted to participate in their Gal Pal creative weekend.  Of course I agreed.

We started the evening by attending the Grand Opening of Gather Textiles.  Learned lots about weaving and of course everyone knows how I love yarn so this was a LOT of fun. 

Arriving back I decided that I would do a bit of sewing to be somewhat creatively productive and made Block 19 of 52 for the 52 Week Red and White Block Challenge hosted by A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop:


Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the
BEST Day EVER Saturday.  ๐ŸŽ‰


Thursday, 10 January 2019

Five Geese

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Posting a little late and so it is almost Good Morning๐ŸŒ….

I was able to attend my Quilt Guild Meeting this evening.  First time since the September meeting due to extra curricular activities that my son participates in.  Nice to catch up with some people.  

When I got home I did all the "mom" things I had not done earlier in the evening.   While I waited for a load of laundry to hurry up and wash so I could put it in the dryer and head to bed I decided to make another of the Flock of Geese from my pre cut bag of scraps:

TAH DAH!!!  Now I have 5 of the 52 Flock of Geese Blocks for the A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop 52 Week Block Challenge 2017 (not a typo.....I am just that slooooooooow).  

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the 
BEST Day EVER Friday.


Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Four Geese

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Busy day today again of course.  Work, home to prep dinner, also trash day tomorrow, walk the dog and then the weekly Costco run for groceries and petrol for the car.

After all of this though I did sit down with my pre cut bag of scraps and make Block 4 of the Flock of Geese Blocks:


Hope this inspires your own creativity and withing you 
The Best Day EVER Thursday๐ŸŽ‰


Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Two Jewel Box Blocks...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Back to work today and NO I was not running on all cylinders but I did make it through the day.

Had a quick nap when I got home this evening and then had a wee bit of dinner.

To try and force myself to keep on track this year with the 52 Week Block Challenge hosted by A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop I did make Block Two of the Jewel Box Blocks for this year:

WOW!!  Look at me Week 2 and I have not fallen off the wagon yet ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the 
Best Day Ever Wednesday. ๐ŸŽ‰


Monday, 7 January 2019

Three Geese...

Good Evening Internet Friends! started out a little less than what I hoped for.  At 0428 I awoke to symptoms of the most awful gastro intestinal virus I have had in nearly 20 years (actually 19 when I do the math).  Was bound and determined that I WAS going to work.....if I could just get cold enough water and take the dog for a walk in the cold wind I would be fine......not so and the dog path may provide an interesting stop for the community dogs today....

After dinner I put together from my pre cut bag of scraps another Flock of Geese block but that was the extent of my energy today:

Not a great picture....I will have to fix it....but not right now...

Hope this inspires your own creativity and 
BEST Day Ever Tuesday!!


Sunday, 6 January 2019

It's Back to Work I Go...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Crazy busy day here in Kathyland again as tomorrow is back to work and school.  Kiddo will get a few breaks with semester break, PD days and non instructional days but for the next three months.....I work.

Did lots of cooking/baking/food prep today:

First up....this awesome salad that I used fresh veggies from the refrigerator to make.  Salad dressing is a recipe that I found in the latest edition of Costco Connection.  All veggies except for the green onion are from Costco.  My friends and family all know my mantra..."If you can't buy it at Costco - do you really need it?"

Then it was on to a batch of Rotten Banana Bread as my brother refers to it.  I will only eat bananas just as the green starts to turn yellow.  Any yellow or brown on the banana means it is "rotten" to me and needs to be made into muffins or bread:

For dinner I made a Shepherd's pie with more veggies from the freezer and a package of lean farm ground beef.  Used sweet potatoes for the topping:

For dessert I made an apple crisp using the frozen apple pie filling that I stashed away in the freezer last fall ๐ŸŽ:


In addition to housework, laundry, clearing snow off the deck and walking the doggie I did manage a bit of SEW time:

Blocks 17 & 18 of the Red and White 2017 52 Week Block Challenge hosted by a A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wish you all
the Best Day EVER Monday.


Saturday, 5 January 2019

Too Early???

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I attended a scrap booking retreat locally today.  Managed to accomplish more that I thought I would.  One of the projects that I took with me was the November 2018 Paper Pumpkin Kit.

I now have 10 Christmas Cards ready for next year!!!  

I decided to do these cards now rather than wait on them even though it seemed a wee bit early, because knowing me next Christmas they will still be in the box!  

TAH DAH!!  A finish for Kathy.  I used to have home made Christmas Cards ready for mailing early in December for family and friends.  Colleagues got a home made Christmas Card as well.  The last three years however I had a lot going on in my personal life as well as spending a lot of time trying to "help" someone.  I gave up on the "helping" early last year and have slowly been getting back in to being me and doing crafts for my own enjoyment.  Today was an ENJOY craft day.

Hope this inspires your own creativity and 
BEST Day EVER Sunday.


Friday, 4 January 2019

And Then....16

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Super busy day today.  Last day of Christmas vacation so I had to pack a ton of FUN in to this day.

Up and at it early today as we headed down to Red Deer to meet up with a friend for lunch.  Took a little bit longer than planned to get there as of course there was a snow storm until just north of Red Deer, sunshine for a bit and by the time we arrived in Red Deer thick ice fog had settled in.

After lunch stopped by a couple of sewing shops and of course stopped at Peaceful Patch. They have an AMAZING selection of fabric.

After dinner, dog walk, and catching up on a few household chores I made Block 16 of the Red and White Block a Week Challenge:


Now it's time to get ready for a scrap booking retreat weekend that I am going to participate in this weekend.

Hope this inspires your own creativity and 
Best Day EVER Saturday tomorrow.


Thursday, 3 January 2019

Now There's THREE!!!

Good Evening Internet Friends.

Busy day today as I start to think, plan and coordinate for going back to work next week.  

Dedicated some time after dinner this evening and made Block Three of the 2017 Flock of Geese Block a Week Challenge:

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you 

BEST Day EVER Friday tomorrow ☺


Wednesday, 2 January 2019

And Then There were TWO!!!

Good Morning Internet Friends!

Going to post a wee bit early today as heading out to my friend's ranch this afternoon.

This morning since I was up well before kiddo I spent some time in my craft room after doggie walk.  Meet Block 2 of the Flock of Geese 2017 Block a Week Challenge:

Hope this inspires your own creativity and 
Best Day EVER Wednesday.


Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Fresh Start...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I hope that everyone had an AMAZING New Year's Eve and Day and that this is going to be the BEST Year EVER!!

Last night kiddo and I attended the Broadmoor Lake Park Fireworks as we have now for a few years.  It is always an amazing show.  It was super cold out but thankfully I had my newest knitted toque on:

On Sunday evening I found an old copy of the Northward Toque I had knitted several years ago.  In my stash (yarn) I also just happened to have this skein of Superwash Six - a bulky 100% Merino.  I thought this was a perfect knitting combo because both the yarn designer and pattern designer are from Vancouver.

This toque is an easy and quick knit and I think I might need to put it into use a little more frequently.

Last night there was a bit of snow fall and wind so when I took doggie out for his walk this morning the world was our blank slate:

It was also an added bonus that the temperature was only about - 2 C (28 Fahrenheit).

It was very peaceful out and as such we were able to be about 10' from this dude and watch him closely:

The doggie even sat very still watching.  

This afternoon I sorted through my scrap fabrics in preparation for the 52 Week Block Challenge.  As you know I have done this challenge for the past five years.  I am a bit behind on the others right now but hopefully with a bit of planning I can fix that up.  I have now sorted through the scrap fabric on my desk that has accumulated since moving and cut it to the various sizes that I will need for these blocks.  All scraps are now in plastic zip seal bags ready to be sewn into blocks.

A friend gave me a tote for Christmas that I have decided will be the perfect size to store the bags of scraps and the sets finished blocks:

Left Block is Flock of Geese 2017 - these blocks were a casualty of moving.

Middle Block is 2018 Red and White Snowball - just behind on this series.

Right Block is 2019 Jewel Box.  "Sew" far I am not behind yet๐Ÿคฃ.  

Will relax for the evening now with a pair of socks that I am knitting that have a special mission and I should get those completed ASAP.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...