Thursday, 10 January 2019

Five Geese

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Posting a little late and so it is almost Good MorningšŸŒ….

I was able to attend my Quilt Guild Meeting this evening.  First time since the September meeting due to extra curricular activities that my son participates in.  Nice to catch up with some people.  

When I got home I did all the "mom" things I had not done earlier in the evening.   While I waited for a load of laundry to hurry up and wash so I could put it in the dryer and head to bed I decided to make another of the Flock of Geese from my pre cut bag of scraps:

TAH DAH!!!  Now I have 5 of the 52 Flock of Geese Blocks for the A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop 52 Week Block Challenge 2017 (not a typo.....I am just that slooooooooow).  

Hope this inspires your own creativity and wishing you all the 
BEST Day EVER Friday.


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