Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pie Plate from the Past

I'm beginning to think that old age is catching up with me (even though my Wii Fit age is 27) this year.  Everything seems to take longer to accomplish, and sometimes, I am just too lazy to do the simplest things, like today's project.
Last August the day before we left for our last of summer vacation and what we call our "Shopping Cross the Border" (click on the link and listen to the lyrics - they're awesome) trip, my son and I went to Brenda's Paint Pot, and I started this:
It's a pie dish of which I decided should be in a gingham print.  It took forever to do this part, and my son finished his painting and started to "help" me.  Now, I know the stripes are crooked, and the painting uneven, and maybe this is where I am starting to show my age, I decided that I would not always have an 8 year old helper, so I let him help me finish the stripes.
By the time these were dry it was time to bicycle home and leave for Montana.
In November we returned to Brenda's Paint Pot to finish painting this pie dish:
Yes, the graphics are all mine (not too bad for someone who cannot draw- I think).
So fast forward to today, my son and I finally stopped by and picked up the finished piece.  Why has it taken me so long to pick it up?????  I don't know!
But there it is, now I should probably make pie, but...........
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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