Friday, 27 June 2014

Day 1 Summer Vacation

Bright and early this morning, we'll not that early, we started out on our Summer Vacation camping trip to Montana.   Not a lot of crafting today as I had to take the car as far as Calgary.  It will get some maintenance done on it while we are away.  I did however get a picture of the reason I quilt apparently:
My son had cleaned up his room in preparation for leaving and apparently the cat approved of the quilt pile on the bed!
This will also sadly be the last trip that we take with the Mallard trailer.  My husband has decided that we need to upgrade to a larger trailer and so last weekend he upgraded to a 32/37.5' fifth wheel trailer.  He did not have time to get the fifth wheel hitch on to take it on this trip.  One last look at the Mallard : (
Now off to Montana.


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