Thursday, 25 April 2013

Rest In Peace Mr. Kit E. Kat

Today is the anniversary (? I lack a better word) for the passing of our beloved Mr. Kit E. Kat (he never did tell us what the E. stood for).
Mr. Kitty as we called him came in to our lives very unexpectedly.  He was found early one spring morning in Saskatchewan by my sister's friend and being pecked at by the crows.
No one seemed to know where he came from or who owned this tiny kitten, but he came to live with me  in British Columbia shortly after.
He lived with us for 12 years, and during those 12 years became an integral part of our family.  Now, don't get me wrong, I am not a "Cat" person, I don't usually like them. I cannot tolerate their scratching, being on counters, and in general furring up of things - Achooooo!  But, Mr. Kitty seemed to have no idea that he was a cat, even as he got super fat (28 lbs) he could not get up on the couch and he would slide off because he did not know he could get traction with his feet.
The best part of Mr. Kitty was that he fancied himself some sort of guardian of our family and house.  If you came to visit he would plot ways to attack you, and all of them were nasty, yet however, with our son he always sat near him as an infant, was always between an adult other than mom or dad and the kid, and let our son learn to pull himself up on Mr. Kitty's fur and learn to walk holding Kitty's tail.  Mr. Kitty would even come back when our son fell down to help him get back up and carry on their way.
Unfortunately when he was about 10 years old we found out he had renal failure.  The vet wanted to put him down that day as he had attacked the vet, and the vet was bleeding (Mr. Kitty purred in my arms while the vet was bandaged up by his assistant), but I refused and chose to palliate Mr. Kitty.
He lived almost another 2 years, and passed away peacefully at home. 
Mr. Kitty having a nap (he had many) and yes that is how he napped.
Recently my son and I were at Color Me Mine in Sherwood Park, and I came across this little box:
I tried to paint it as much like Mr. Kitty as I could.  
I miss him very much and although my son has his own cat (of which I have had to train not to scratch, bat at blinds, get on counters.......), he will never be my buddy like Mr. Kitty.  
I still feel like he's looking out for me.
This little dish now holds my quilting pins (Mr. Kitty loved to sit beside me while I quilted and test nap the quilts for me as I completed them).
Rest in Peace Mr. Kitty.


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