Sunday, 28 September 2014

Where oh Where Have I Been?


Good Evening Internet Friends.  I am back this evening and will do a post, hopefully can get back to some "normal" soon, where I actually can have the opportunity to be creative on a regular basis.  I make things to keep myself "sane" in this "crazy" world that I occupy.  This was supposed to be a short four day work week after the long hours of last week, yet alas, I sit here tonight with 62 hours of work completed in the last 5 days!!!!

Today has been a busy one after coming off of night shift. We went out for breakfast because I was not sure I could run the waffle iron at that time of day.  Then got groceries and came home to all the mundane tasks of laundry and housework and get ready for my 6 day work week this week!

I did do some baking today and chose to make Banana Bread:
I switched the walnuts the recipe calls for with Chocolate Chips and I used Robin Hood Nutri Flour Blend - Tastes Like White.  Seems to have turned out alright ☺
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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  1. WOW Kathy!!! I hope you get a reprieve from work one of these days!!!!!! (and that banana bread looks delicious!!!!!!!)