Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Back 2 School

Good Evening Internet Friends!

It seems that summer is officially over as today was back to school for my son.  I cannot believe that my little teeny tiny preemie is going in to Grade 8 🏫🎒

Up early to get the new school routine in .  Pancakes, poached egg and strawberry/raspberry/blueberry smoothies.  My son thought he hit the jack pot 🥞.  Lunch was packed and contained Sugar Cookies that we made yesterday:

I found the ABC/123 sprinkles in the cupboard and decided they were a perfect addition to the cookies.  

After dropping off my son at school I went to see my physician.  Three days post injury, ice, pain medications and my hand still really hurts.  Good news:  no fractures in my hand.  Still have sturdy bones.  🥛  Bad news:  I have a "VERY bad" sprain of my pinky finger and wrist.  As such I am now wearing a slab, fingers are buddy taped and all wrapped up in pressure bandage.  Worse yet news: I cannot go to work because my hand is all wrapped up and poses risk for hand hygiene/infection control.  This also means that I need to find things to do a home with minimal hand use.  😿

Being at home with absolutely nothing to do I have discovered is ridiculously boring!!!!   I decided that I could make a couple of birthday cards this afternoon so that is what I did:

Took a long time to do this and hand hurt afterwards.  Drat.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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