Saturday, 2 September 2017

HELP!!! I've Fallen....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

This post will be short as both of my wrists are extremely sore.  

Today I decided to try out a different set of riding trails in the River Valley with my son.  The ride was beautiful and it was an area of the city that I had never experienced.  I will go again as we did not get very far into it.  On a corner with some rough terrain I lost control of my bike and took a spill 🚴.  Thankfully I was wearing my helmet and yes I will need a new one as part of my face and the helmet visor contacted the pavement.  

I did make another Knitting Project bag before we went out.


This might be the extent of my crafting for a bit.  I am in too much pain in my wrists, ribs, shoulders and knee to even knit tonight.  I am dreading the pain tomorrow when I wake up. 😟

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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  1. I hope you are not feeling too terrible today Kathy! Thank goodness for helmets!