Friday, 27 July 2012

Long Gone to Saskatchewan...

Last week when I went in to Crock A Doodle in Spruce Grove to get my cupcake platter I found out that they were doing a kids class making watermelon bowls.  I will show the one my son made tomorrow, but, when I took him in for the class I made my own watermelon bowl, and here it is!  I LOVE it.  Honeynut cheerios tomorrow morning here we come!
Now, for those of you not from Saskatchewan you will wonder why the watermelon? Has a watermelon ever even grown there (unlikely)? But, I have attached a link that might help understand this somewhat:
This is also appropriate because I am currently on route to Saskatchewan to visit Grandma for the weekend, and of course will be singing Long Gone to Saskatchewan.
Now, if you're still not sure that you understand how we "roll" there, here is one more link that I think is hilarious, especially the part about setting the "E" brake....
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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