Saturday, 21 July 2012

Serious Quilter or What???

As I blogged about yesterday, today I went to the Judy Neimeyer quilting workshop in Camrose.
While there I saw something that made me laugh (doesn't take much for me)......
It's a sewing machine in the bathroom!!  I know some people read or do the crossword puzzle while in there, but until now I had never thought of quilting while in there!!  I don't know the exact reason for it being there, I just thought it was funny.
As for the Cactus Rose quilt I am making..... here is what I managed to accomplish today!  The one big portion took me almost 4 hours to make, the second I was better and got that down to 2 hours.  Both little pieces I was able to complete in under an hour.
To make this quilt into the queen size I chose, I will have to complete 9 in total of these full blocks - what you see is about 1/2 of the block.
Maybe I can finish the other half tomorrow and then only 8......
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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