Monday, 18 February 2013

Oh S"crap"! It's Monday...

 I have been making these cute Mini Magazine boxes to go along with card sets, because they are just so much fun to make!
Originally, I was using my Cricut to make them, but I kept seeing all over the paper crafting world that people were still somehow making these with out a cutting machine.


Now, this one is not as nice as my Cricut one, but it does the job well enough.  
I did find random tutorials on the internet to make these, but on most of them the measurements did not work for me (the boxes were "saggy" and limp).
Because I am a visual person, I have put a diagram marked on a piece of paper and hope this helps any of you that decide to try one! 
The paper is cut 8 1/4" x 12".
This is an awesome way to use of left over paper!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...

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