Sunday, 23 February 2014

Star Wars Birthday Cupcakes!

Today we are celebrating my husband's ?? (can't tell you the number) birthday.
Our son decided that daddy should have a home made cake just like him because bought cakes are not good!
While at Bulk Barn yesterday we found Star Wars cupcake wrappers and these cake toppers and my son decided that is what we needed for daddy's cake because daddy is a HUGE fan (I still don't get it, allegedly is something of our generation, but I still can't follow it > : ?  ).
Here is what we made:
We have black sparkly candles for these too!
Now, as you know I finished (mostly) a quilt top last night.
As of this afternoon, this is what it has become:
Cat Nap Approved by Hello Kitty! 
Great cat fur on a quilt yet to be completed and not sure how to explain the hair that will likely be on it by the time it gets to the long arm quilter.....
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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