Sunday, 13 September 2015

Here Comes Monday....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I had BIG plans for this weekend.

On Saturday morning I got my son up bright and early and after breakfast we headed off to the Home Depot for the Saturday morning Kids Workshop.  This week my son got to build a Football toss game:
I find this class fun and also a little hilarious.  Yes, I may have grown up on the farm in Saskatchewan but my dad was by trade a Finish Carpenter.  The dad's at this class try to build for the kids and not use glue, and the moms don't want their nails broke etc, and use TOOOOO much glue.☺  The end results can be quite funny.  

After running a few errands we headed over to the Creative Stitches Show.  Of course I bought some new yarns.  Surprisingly I only came home with one small table runner quilt kit, a pattern, one meter of hilarious fabric, and a few fat quarters.  There really was nothing I "needed".

Then it was time to load up the car and head to the farm to dig up the potatoes this weekend and pack up anything perishable for winter from the trailer so that my husband can winterize it next weekend while I am at work.  About a half hour from the farm I got the backseat warning of "MOM, I'm going to be sick", and so he was.....  I thought that maybe it would pass quickly, but not so much.  So, by late evening I loaded him and a small pail filled with paper towels and grocery bags back into the car and came home.  

Thankfully, there are lots of quilts in the house with which one can make washable nests and so that is what I have most of today.  Now, I can say there is a reason for all my quilts. ☺

While he was napping this afternoon I did finish my mitten:

My son thinks it looks like an oven mitt, hopefully it will be as warm as one!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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