Monday, 7 September 2015

Super Monday Fun Day!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today was officially the last day of summer!  Tomorrow my son starts his new school and I return to work on Wednesday and all the extra curricular activities that did not start last week, start this week.

Today I let him sleep late one last time and watch Phineas & Ferb since it seemed appropriate.  I even made him waffles for breakfast with canned raspberries:

Then we ran one last back to school errand to get a combination lock for his locker as the choose your own combination lock that I got him was a giant piece of JUNK!  Even the girl at Staples told me that these are really hard to open!!!!!  Then why sell them????

Eventually we found a non fun, non colored, plain old combination lock at the Home Depot of all places.

This afternoon we baked Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies:

After dinner we went to the park for a run and to play one last time for summer vacation:

After the final check was done of school supplies, shower, and he inventoried his closet that all his new clothes are clean for tomorrow he went to bed.  Tomorrow should prove to be interesting as up until now school clothes has been a "do I wear a cardigan, pullover or vest with my blue shirt and tie"?????  Since age three this is the first time that he has not been in uniforms at school so I think I might have to get him up a little earlier tomorrow morning as this wardrobe concept may be a little overwhelming. ☺

Earlier in the summer when we went school supply shopping my son did not like any of the pencil cases in the stores because they all "smelled".

In typical Kathy fashion I have had lots of time to sew a pencil case, however tonight at 2200 hours seemed the perfect time to do this.  "Sew" I did with the fun fabric he had picked out from my scraps.  There was not enough for the style he wanted, so he got this:

It is lined with blue whale fabric but I forgot to take a picture of that before putting all the pencils in! 

Now I am off to bed to get ready for the BIG adventure tomorrow; first day of a new school and routine for both of us and first day of public school as well and that has been a learning curve for me this summer ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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