Sunday, 6 September 2015

Let Me Get My Parka!!!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

The title of today's post is correct!  Last night it was getting cold in the house and I actually had to increase the climate control so that the furnace would start up.  It was actually starting to get cold and damp in the house!  I hate winter.  Today was a nasty cold rain and despite a sweater and wool socks under my rain jacket I was still cold!

Today was the last day of the weekend before school starts on Tuesday.  I asked my son what he wanted to do for "fun" in the cold rain today and he decided that he wanted to go to Telus World of Science.  Apparently he had not spent enough time there this summer, and or he knows his fan club is all there.  Whatever the reason that is where we spent our afternoon.  It was fun:
 Here he is playing Mary had a little lamb on the flatus organ.  Yes, that is what it is.

Here he is distorting a tornado!

Big Fun!

This evening after he went to bed I spent a bit of time in my craft room.  Last weekend when I was at Prairie Points Quilt Shop I picked up some really neat flannel (the entire line looks like pajamas) with which to make a rag quilt.  Since it is cold outside and this quilt will likely be of use soon, I got started on it tonight.  

Here is the first of the six fabrics all cut and sewn into 6" squares filled with all the left over batting from other quilts:

Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. I am not ready for winter either! "They" are saying its to be a long, warm sure hasn't started out that way!!!!!!! I'm looking at the mountains which are white, white, white!!!!!!!! Love the rag quilt! Perfect!

  2. Hehehehehe, I am not buying this long fall at this time. The geese are assembling, the cat and dog are shedding and it's cold to the bones out there! ☺