Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Still Going....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today is one of those days that is just not seeming to end.

I awoke this morning to get myself and kiddo ready for the day and discovered 8" of snow outside.  Since the school bus was running 20+ minutes late I decided that we could use that time and shovel the walk (we live on a corner lot).  By 0825 we had the entire walk shoveled, kiddo on the bus and me en route to work:

Most of my patient's arrived late for their appointments today so that kept me working through lunch and I ended up leaving clinic late too.

A quick stop to pick up kiddo and then off to battle the highway to get to swimming lessons.

After a warm bowl of soup for dinner it was time to get the garbage out since tomorrow is trash day and then I decided that the patio really should be cleaned off from the snow so I did that too!

Kiddo showered and off to bed after stories.  Household tasks completed I opened up my November package of Paper Pumpkin and made one set of the cards:
 TAH DAH!!!'

Love these cards.  

Some months I wonder about the kits, but this month I love both sets of cards!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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