Monday, 30 November 2015

Crazy Cat Lady Quilt????

Good Evening Internet Friends!

As you likely know my Grandmother suffered a stroke in September of this year.  She has battled acute kidney failure and aspiration pneumonia and is still with us and getting better every day.  When faced with making decisions about her care I could only make medical decisions as those are what I know best.  TREAT at all cost until you know there is no hope.  That is what we did with her and slowly but surely her kidney function improved as did the pneumonia and today she renal function is that of an 89 year old women with a stroke. ☺

Now she faces the the reality of being placed in a long term care facility as she has not regained strength or function to the left side of her body which is very sad is she is a southpaw (sad face).  She is in true Grammy fashion facing this head on and is learning to eat with her right hand and even tells new staff that she is regaining strength in that hand and shows them that she is trying to eat.  Of course someone always falls for this and she laughs about it.

With her going to long term care I wanted her to have her own quilt.  She left the other one I made for her in Alberta and as such does not have it with her.  "Sew" I made her a new one.

I had a jelly roll that I had been hoarding for a long time and with some help of my friend and neighbor Sharon of Four Paws Quilting who let me raid her stash I was able to make what I am going to call the Crazy Cat Lady Quilt.  My Grammy was kind of this person as if there was a stray or lonely cat within 100 miles she was feeding it and caring for it.  Even ones that came to her house to sleep for the afternoon and then returned home in the evening!

After getting the quilt pieced my friend and neighbor Sharon agreed to run this quilt through her wonderful long arm machine and she quilted cats all over this quilt.  This evening after getting my son to bed after his Geocaching expedition with Boy Scouts that tired him out, I trimmed the edges of the quilt in preparation for binding:
 The entire quilt top spread out on the family room floor.

Detail of the Kitty Face.

Detail of the big fat Kitty.

Backing for the quilt as the cat always gets the canary!!!! ☺

Tomorrow evening I will cut the binding strips for this and then get working on that so that I can send this in the care package later this week that I will be posting her.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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