Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Five Year.......

Good Evening Internet Friends.

Some people have plans, goals, and accomplishments for Five Year.

I however, might just about be finished a quilt that I started about five years ago (not really exaggerating).  Almost a year ago I got the pieces cut out and adhered to the fabric backing but did not get very far on the applique.  Recently I placed a large order to Connecting Threads as they had a 35% off sale and Free Shipping to Canada.  With the Canadian Dollar being low right now this sale off set some of that spending pinch.  One of the items I ordered was the Country Garden thread set.  When the package arrived I knew that I had some applique to do! All of the colors in the set were perfect for my Five Year Quilt Project.

As of a few minutes ago here is what I have accomplished this weekend:

I am not feeling particularly crafty this evening due to an impending asthma attack so this was the perfect occupation of my time after my son went to bed this evening.

Earlier in the day I took my son to a different ski venue than he usually skis at simply because they do three week lessons which will no conflict with Christmas Vacation.  Sadly, this place needs some serious help.  I knit for about a half hour inside the building that smelled worse than your grandmother's old damp basement and there was likely some kind of mold in there as well.  The furniture and carpet were original from when the building opened at the same time as the explores arrived (I don't think I am exaggerating here either) and in general the place just looks SAD.  Eventually I went outside for a walk but it was cold.  A sign on the building told me that the parking lot was an idle free zone so after freezing in my car I went and parked on the street and warmed up myself and the car.

My son seemed to enjoy it because although he was in a group lesson there were no other kids that could ski the same as him so he got his own instructor! ☺
 They worked on some of his techniques so by the time we get to the mountains at Christmas he will have his ski legs back☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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