Sunday, 25 September 2016

Sunday Funday!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Kiddo and I have had a restful weekend.  We slept in, and did what we wanted.  We did not even use the automobile even once this weekend!!!  YAY us.

Yesterday I decided to finally put the binding on my "comfort" quilt.  This is a quilt from my most favorite quilt store: The Quilt Patch.  I call it my "comfort" quilt because earlier this spring I took it to my friend Sharon at 4 Paws Quilting and she long armed it.  

I brought it home and placed it on the very end runner of my sleigh bed and there it sat until I got my corneal scratch this summer.  Drugged out on pain killers in bed I pulled this quilt over me and that is how I was found by Sharon when she came to check on me and feed my kid dinner (I have the BEST friends, seriously). 

 Fast forward about 10 days and after being once again drugged for the world's largest kidney stone (not really exaggerating) I was  again discovered (this time by hubby) sleeping under the unfinished quilt ☺

Yesterday I decided to put on the binding.  Very early this morning I went to sleep after getting the binding on.  This morning I took pictures:

TAH DAH!!!  There is the quilt in all it's glory on my sitting room sofa.  ☺

Check out the awesome borders that Sharon did within the borders.

Side borders....

The tan block centers all look like this.

The checkered squares look like this. 

Between my applique she free handed these neat little vines!!!!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this quilt, and since I have already been drugged under it I know it is a cozy sleeping quilt! ☺

Yesterday afternoon kiddo and I walked the dog almost 5 miles through the River Valley.  Today we made almost 8 miles.  Kiddo and Dog slept well last night and I suspect tonight as well:

One of the many sets of stairs in the River Valley.

The trees looked amazing today ☺

A boy and his dog enjoying the day!

Hope you all had a wonderful relaxing weekend and that this inspires your own creativity...


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