Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Sick Day...

Good Evening Internet Friends.

My son and I have been battling sore throats, achy muscles, sore ears, headaches, plugged and or runny noses and the wimpiest irritating cough for almost a week now.  Last night after another long night of no sleeping, and for him coughing til he vomits, I decided that we would take a sick day.  

Both of us did a lot of sleeping and chilling.

I did start on my newest pair of socks.  These are from my Super Amazing Awesome Yarn Club. The subscription is now in hibernation mode with intent to start again in early 2018.  

Along with my new freshly sewn knitting pouch here is the progress I made today:

Now to go get some more sleep and hopefully I feel COMPLETELY better tomorrow.  If not, at least it is my regularly scheduled day off.  

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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