Tuesday, 6 November 2018

The Whole Enchilada...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

During our recent move I learned from a very dear friend about the amazing Hello Fresh boxes!  These boxes are fabulous because you pre-order your food choices a week in advance and your food is delivered in cool pack boxes.  All the ingredients are in the box along with recipes.  These were FABULOUS during the move because I did not have to think about what was for dinner and then there were left overs for lunch the next day too ☺

Since the move I still get a box every couple of weeks or so just to break up the dinner routine and just for ease of dinner prep.

The box arrived this afternoon and the first meal that we made was Chicken Cheese Enchilada's.  Delicious.  Another thing I love about these boxes is that the cooking instructions are step by step so I get my son to help with dinner prep as well.  

Served with a garden salad these were very filling on a really cold evening.

After dinner I spent a wee bit of time in my craft room and made block 46 of 52 for the 52 week block challenge (this is the 2016 block - I seem to have mis placed my 2017 blocks):


I love these blocks.  They always turn out well and just look so pretty.

Keep warm, and 

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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