Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween!!,  This year my son decided that he wanted to be a puppy for Halloween.  At first I was reluctant about the idea as he wanted me to sew the costume.  One of my friends however, told me a story about a guy friend of hers now in his 30's who still has the costume his mom sewed for him when he was a kid, and how he treasures it.  Okay, guilt set in and I sewed the costume (although another co-worker told me about her son also wanting to be a puppy and when she sewed his Dalmatian suit he looked like a cow).   I had to go to Fabricland for the fabric as all of the quilt stores in the greater Edmonton area were out of  chocolate brown Minkee fabric.  I also got the pattern at Farbicland and for reference of anyone who might want to make one of these and does not want to spend hours searching through all the pattern catalogues, this one is Butterick 6695.  We now have another happy puppy wondering around the house.  Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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