Sunday, 10 August 2014

Day of Random. Summer Vacation Day 45.

After getting off of work late last night, finishing a quilt block, then watching a really stupid program on television that every half hour there is another riveting episode, I did not fall asleep til somewhere around 0400 hours.  Hubby and son were at the acreage for the weekend, so I slept in this morning.  
So far today, have only accomplished two loads of laundry (both folded and put away), made dinner (have left overs for tomorrow evening), showered and put on a clean pair of pajamas and did sun myself on the deck for a bit this afternoon and knit a bit.
The big accomplishment however was this:
This involved relocating cat from quilt top on couch.  Then a Costco sized lint roller and a trip through the dryer to remove cat fur as my son's garbage dump cat (Hello Kitty) has been sleeping on this quilt top for the past six months!
After it was mostly cat fur free, I stitched on the green border to get ready for the outer border.  By now, Hello Kitty had claimed his quilt back.
I got out my yards (yes, yards I had to order from away) of border fabric:
Only to have Hello Kitty try to pack this quilt up.  I suppose he was going to try and fit it into his "kit bag"! ☺
Although originally I had loved this fabric and thought it would make a perfect border for this quilt, I am now having a change of mind as the border print is so big and loud compared to the delicate piecing that is this quilt.  It sort of looks garish!  I have decided that this will make a lovely backing for this particular quilt and the top will be left as is with a black binding to coordinate the front and back☺
Hope this inspires your own creativity...

p.s.  I sure hope I'm not getting closer to being the crazy cat lady..... 

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  1. Sounds like you are having a productive stay-cation while your hubby and son are away!!!!! Good for you! Quilt looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!