Saturday, 2 August 2014

Summer Vacation Day 37!

Good Day Internet Friends!
Okay, so I feel old, this summer is sure slipping by and I am not sure where it is going, and or do I have much to show for it.
Have worked the past two evenings so that really messes with my bike riding and spray park fun : (
This morning my son and I are heading out to the acreage for the weekend, I was simply too tired to leave yesterday after work.
To get this day started we needed a hearty breakfast so I made:
Now, you may wonder what is so special about these waffles.  Well, nothing really.  I used the Wonderful Waffle recipe, except that the milk was substituted with So Good soy milk, and the flour I substituted for Quinoa  and Teff flours.  I had to add a little more soy milk that what the recipe called for, but other wise they turned out really well, and my son even liked them!
Now, off to the Third Birthday Party/Sale at Prairie Points Quilt Shop!  "Sew" much fabric to find!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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