Monday, 25 August 2014

What's For Dinner? Summer Vacation Day 60!

Today was a Day of Random for my son and I.
We started out having a plan for the day, but so many things got in our way that we will try again tomorrow.
We went for lunch at The Dish Bistro as I still had some coupons for there.
Then we went to Cookie Love.  Of course we got a bag of cookies, but we also got made just for us Ice Cream Sandwiches.  Ice cream sandwiches this good deserved a park, so we walked over quickly to Paul Kane Park.  It is such a pretty little park in the middle of the city.
A quick stop at the shoe store and day was over.
Hmmmmm, now what about dinner.
My dietitian colleague gave me a spaghetti squash last week, so that seemed like the start for dinner.
Here is what I ended up with:
The squash was cut in half and the seeds cleaned out then rubbed with Chipotle flavored Olive Oil (Evoolution Edmonton).
Baked at 350F for about a half hour.
The squash was then stuffed with sauteed:
* onions
* yellow pepper
* fresh mushrooms
* frozen niblet corn
* can of tomato sauce
I topped both halves of the squash with mozzarella cheese and fried onions and baked until the cheese had melted.


Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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