Sunday, 5 October 2014

Home Sweet Edmonton???

Good Evening Internet Friends.
Today I took my son to West Edmonton Mall for a classmates Birthday Party.  While the children played at Galaxyland I wandered the mall.  I did make a few purchases at Rocky Mountain Soap and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  

As I walked the mall today I had an epiphany!  The city of Edmonton is continually trying to re-invent itself and touting itself as a major metropolitan city.  That is not why I live here, nor what I ever hope becomes of this city.  

Sure, the roads have a LOT of potholes, the snow could be removed in the winter, the boulevards could be cleaned of garbage, the roads could not be dug up annually to slow traffic, and there likely does not need to be a photo radar truck/van/SUV on every corner.  That being said, what I do appreciate about living here is the sense of small town that this city has. 

 Growing up in rural Saskatchewan you always know the people around you wherever you go.  
When I moved to attend the University of Calgary I found myself feeling very alone in a big city where no one knew me and people just walked on past.  You only saw your classmates at class and that was it.

Today at the mall, I was amazed again, by the nature/type of people that make Edmonton home.  Not only did I stop to chat with parents of other children attending the party, but I ran into my current nursing supervisor and her family, one of my current patients, my endocrinologist, a Social Worker colleague of mine from years ago, a RN colleague of mine from more recently, and lastly my own family doctor!  Each of these people I chatted with briefly, and there in that giant mall, I realized that while I may complain about this city (reasons above), it is HOME ☺

Now, as for my craft today:
A few weeks back I attended the Creative Stitches & Crafting show and of course I had to stop by the Quilt Patch booth.  This was one of the projects I just HAD to get (of course there were other projects I left with too).

This tote bag sews up really quickly and the canvas fabric means no fussing with stabilizers ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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