Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Mental Health Day!

Good Evening Internet Friends!
For the past few days I have been feeling super homesick.  Not exactly sure why, usually it hits me a little earlier in the season, I REALLY love harvest time in Saskatchewan.  I am not exactly sure what exactly it is that I miss, the big open sky, the harvest moon, the sound of the combines at night, the smell of the grain or just all of it.

Today I decided that I would take a Mental Health Road Trip!  No, not seven hours home, but a road trip to Ponoka (hence the mental health, bad joke, locals will get it).  I love going to Ponoka because it is just the kind of town I grew up near.  Everyone knows your name, and even if they don't they still talk to you, the bakery has cinnamon buns the size of your head (well for sure a toddler's head), and it's just a calm place.

After dropping my son off at school, I head out on the Queen Elizabeth 2 Highway in the F-350.  This was the kind of trip I need to make in a "farm" vehicle not my car, I love the comforting sound of the diesel engine.  Stopped and took some pictures along the way:
At Prairie Points Quilt Shop I had a wonderful visit with Lynn and some of the great customers that she has there.  Of course I left with:
LOOK!!!  A left handed stitchery book!  A stitchery book that is actually useful for me!

On the way home I headed north on the gravel roads, took some pictures and watched the combines:
It was a beautiful day, and I felt a little less homesick.  Of course then I got home, and got the calls, and watched the news and found out about the Train derailment and evacuation of the farms near where I grew up : (

Hope to feel creative later this evening.....


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