Monday, 20 October 2014

Waffling on a Monday....

Good Morning Internet Friends!

I am trying valiantly to stay awake today so that I can go to bed on time tonight.
When I got home from work this morning I decided that rather than taking a quick nap before getting my son ready for school, I would make waffles for his for breakfast!
He was pretty happy about that ☺

Since I still had cranberries in the refrigerator I decided to make Cranberry Waffles with orange sauce:
I substituted buttermilk for the evaporated milk since (I had buttermilk in the refrigerator and the other was in the pantry and I simply did not feeling like getting it).

For the orange sauce I omitted the cranberries since I had already put a cup of them into the batter ☺

These were delicious!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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