Monday, 13 March 2017

Are You Kidding Me????

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Most years I complain, gripe and whine in general about time change because deep down I believe that nothing good can come from this event.  Yesterday, I took it my stride and was positive and even productive.

Fast forward to today.... as I prepare to leave my house I find out that the door knob will not turn!!!!  I am truly stuck in my house no matter how hard I try to turn the knob.  I use the back door to go around to the front door and try from the outside!  It is seriously stuck.  My son on the inside and I on the outside try turning the door knob....NOTHING..

Now, I am running late for work and I begin the frantic search through the mystery box of random keys in the house to find a key for the back door....eventually I found one that sort of fits but you really have to wiggle to get the door to open.  Better than nothing so off to work!

After picking my son up from school we came home and thankfully gained entry through the back door.

I decided to unscrew the door knob and found that the slider piece was totally jammed inside which meant I had to use every tool including the butter knife to get it out.

Off to the hardware store to get some parts and we now have an operational front door and at least know where the key to the back door is!!!

That left very little crafting time.  I managed to make one more of my Anne of Green Gables blocks:


Now it's off to bed as tomorrow is another work day ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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