Monday, 26 June 2017

Summer Storm...

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

One thing you may not know about me is that I LOVE a good summer storm.  As a child growing up on the Saskatchewan prairies my bedroom had a dormer window with a bench seat.  I loved sitting in that seat looking out through the windows watching the lightning and the rain hitting the windows.  

This evening here in Edmonton a summer storm rolled through.  Storms here are no comparison to the majestic ones back home, but it was still a good light show.

I worked a bit on one of my Row by Row blocks from last year.  I am beginning to think I am doing this wrong.  I collect the blocks all summer long from the places that I visit on Summer Vacation.  Last year I collected 22 or 23 (I cannot remember now) blocks that I am making into a 2016 Summer Vacation Quilt.  Kind of like a fabric scrapbook.  Here in my local area though we already have people who have driven to 8 stores and collected their blocks and made a quilt!!!!  Seriously.

Last week my neighbour and friend Sharon and I headed out to one of the quilt shops in our area that had a really cute row by row.  Within seconds of my getting into the shop I started to itch.  My body started to turn red and the further I went into the store the more I scratched and got red.  By the time I left my chest was tight and the cough had set in.  The block is still sitting in the package because to be honest I am scared to open it.  Word on the street is the place has had a flood!!!

"Sew" this evening I made from my last year's Row by Row:

This is part of the bottom portion of the row.

As I was leaving my craft room the ground shook.  I looked outside and:

The tree in my neighbours yard has lost MORE of itself!!! This tree seems to fall apart every time we have a wind storm this summer!!!  The entire road is filled with a portion of tree that is larger than the 4x4 pick up trucks that line both sides of the street.  ðŸ˜•ðŸ˜•

The storm has settled now it seems so it's off to bed with my knitting for a bit as tomorrow is a complete errand day!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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