Friday, 14 July 2017

Where am I???

Good Very Late Evening Internet Friends!

First off I know that I am home and that I think I am over jet lag and holiday fun and exhaustion at the same time.  Back to work this week for four days and as of this evening I am back on vacation for another 12 days.  As of yet, I have no real plans for this vacation time.  Might go to Farmer's Market tomorrow 😊

Have done a bit of knitting this week in between important things like getting to and from work, kid to his events, and baking bread the other evening because my son does not like the taste of store bought bread:  🍞

This evening I sorted through some more of the scraps in my craft room and made:

Another Flock of Geese Block for the 52 Week Block Challenge.  Not sure what week I am supposed to be on, but this is MY current block and I feel accomplished that at least another one is made. 😲

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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