Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Happy Early Birthday Brandy

I love the month of August!  First it is my birthday month, and I plan to celebrate from now until the end of the month!
It is also the middle of summer, so extra warm, but also time for the crops to start turning golden and I love that.  On our road trip to Saskatchewan a couple of weeks ago, we saw some of the wheat and barley starting to turn colors and that made me happy, because I knew August was on its way.
August is also the birthday of my dear friend Brandy.
To start the celebrations for her birthday I got out this card that I made a while ago at The Urban Scrapbook.  If you live in the Edmonton area check the place out, the staff is not overly friendly to you, however, they do have beautiful stuff as you can see by this card.
I thought that this card would be perfect for Brandy as we both grew up in Saskatchewan knowing these phones and party lines (I know there is a segment of the population that does not understand this, my husband who although 2 years older grew up in the city...), and we routinely send text messages with important things like mocking retro decor of dumpy places......
Happy Birthday Brandy!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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