Monday, 18 November 2013

Slow Progress...

For today I decided I would post the project that has consumed most of my crafting time for the past couple of months!
I signed up again to participate in the Prairie Quilt Mercantile Cracked Pots Facebook Mystery Quilt (an Alberta company as well) in September.  After starting almost two weeks late, I have had to continually push myself to keep up, and let me tell you there are no big pieces to piece in this quilt!
So far thanks to a reprieve we were given this week I am almost caught up on step five!
I present you now with steps 1 and 4, and yes there is a reason I have this block in that number order, it is actually two steps combined:
Tomorrow I will post steps 2 and 3: )
I am also giving you a picture of the parking lot (yes a destination location) at the St. Albert library from last night.  The snow coming down was SOOOOOO pretty:
The tree was twinkling even without Christmas lights!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...

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