Sunday, 24 November 2013

What's For Lunch?

It's Greycup Sunday and after working last night again, I have to get a move on and get prepared for the week ahead and be ready to watch the Greycup game this afternoon.
My beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders are playing in this game at Taylor Field.  I am so homesick right now just thinking about not being able to be there :....), so I decided to make bread, because nothing says Saskatchewan more than wheat and canola, and well, some flax seed too.  Plus we need something for lunches this week and to make sandwiches one requires bread.
So, I  powered up my KitchenAid and turned out another four loaves of bread:

Delicious as usual.
As many of you likely know, I have used this mixer for years to mix whole grain bread, and sometimes in extremely large quantities.  I did burn the motor out trying to run about 14 cups of whole grain flour through it last spring, but a simple replacement of the motor by husband and I am going again.
I recently looked at another brand of mixer that boasts an 800 W motor, not sure what mine is really running now. 
 At first I was excited about the new more powerful machine, but then I realized that the mixing bowl on the 800 W machine is still the same size as the one I have and not likely to handle 14 cups of whole grain flour either!
So, no new mixer in my future I will continue to mix 8 - 10 cups whole grain flour with my 15+ year old, made in the USA, with no plastic parts mixer, and here's hoping I don't blow a motor for another 15 years : )
Hope this inspires your own creativity...

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