Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Virtual Road Trip!

Good Afternoon Internet Friends!
Woke up to snow here in Edmonton this morning.  YAY (not).
After breakfast though I went to the post office to pick up a package that I got the delivery notice for yesterday.  I was pretty sure I knew what it was so was super eager to get it!
This summer when we were in the Maritimes I had hoped to find, and get to some awesome quilt shops.  I had this idea that since we have so many quilt shops in Alberta that surely there must be a bzillion awesome quilt shops out east.  
Sadly, I did not find very many, and the one I really wanted to go to we didn't have time to get to.  My husband always tells stories about going to visit his grandmother "in the valley" (which I think is a local perception for something, as can't say I have visualized it) and playing under the quilt frames at her house.  After this trip I think I was "set up" to believe in the quilting down east ; )
Anyways,.... I "liked" the Facebook page of the quilt shop I wanted to go when we got home and have been watching all of the wonderful things that are in stock.
Last week, I decided that since I could not actually take a road trip to the small independent merchant of A Needle Pulling Thread (such a cute name), in the metropolis of Digby (another fun word), I would place an online order!  Darlene there was most helpful, and as such here are my purchases:
I just realized that the Nova Scotia Tartan Fabric is not included in the picture because I have already taken it to nether regions of the house to audition for quilts it could be backing!
I love supporting small shops because it makes me feel good about my purchases, and on top of that I got a hand written note (which I love), candy (another thing I love), and an extra little kit (that I love).  I think I just might try to get it done for next weekend.
Thanks Darlene!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. When we were in the Maritimes in 2012, quilt shops were definitely on my list. Like you I found there weren't a lot, but the ones I visited were absolute treasures. And the treasures you bought from there are indeed special!

  2. I would LOVE to get to Darlene's shop one day too!!!!!! I've resisted ordering but your treasures look GREAT!! I love happy mail days!!

  3. Yes, it was a Happy Mail Day! She packaged it so nicely, and all the extra little things she did, I will DEFINITELY order from her again : )