Saturday, 19 April 2014

Doggie Quilt Done!

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!
As you likely know I am addicted to fabric, and any time that I am out and about and stumble across dog or dog related fabric I MUST purchase it.  
My son and I both love dogs, so a while back I started to make for him a Dog Quilt out of the dog fabric fat quarters I have bought over the past few years.
I did finish the quilt top and even got it to and back from the long armers (it has been quilted with bones), put on about half of the binding, and then it went into the "TO DO PILE" and has been sitting there for quite some time.
This evening I decided to finish putting on the binding as a surprise gift for my son for Easter tomorrow morning:
 Hello Kitty is already looking to sleep on it!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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  1. So NICE!! I bet your son loved it!!!! Great finish!