Friday, 25 March 2016

A Good Friday

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today was literally A Good Friday.

After breakfast kiddo and I made doggie biscuits.  I used the recipe from my new cookbook Butter Celebrates.  I LOVE these books as you may already know.  Here are the doggie biscuits that we made today, 66 in all:
Both dogs seemed to enjoy them ☺

Then I set my son up to paint Easter Eggs.  On one of our cross border shopping trips I stumbled upon these craft eggs that can be used to decorate for Easter.  I was so excited because I hate wasting eggs and I refuse to eat colored eggs.   
Here are kid and Hello Kitty supervising this process I guess...
 They had fun!

After lunch we headed out to the River Valley to take the Lab puppy for a walk.  Once across the bridge and down by the river we discovered pussy willow!!!  I was excited to see, but then realized I had left my puffers at home!!!  Fingers crossed I would make back.  

We continued on.  Hubby with puppy as puppy is FAR too strong for kiddo to walk, sometimes on the way.  Puppy almost outweighs me at this time.  I am fortunate however that I walk him so frequently that although he is kiddo's dog he does not pull too much and I can still keep him under control.  With hubby being away at work so much he does not walk puppy that often and there were times today where puppy was definitely in control:
 Here he was behaving himself! ☺  For a bit ; )

This morning hubby reminded me that today would have been his mom's 83 birthday.  He has been struggling with the loss of her the past 9 months, so I decided we should celebrate her birthday for her.  I made a chocolate cake (her favorite) and in honor of her I decorated a cake the way she would have; with icing and sprinkles (although I did have home made buttercream icing in the basement refrigerator - she would have used a can)!
Happy Birthday Winnie.  Your cake was delicious.  Catch you on the flip side.  Hugs.

Tomorrow my friend Sharon and I are off at the crack of dawn on a quilting expedition quite unlike any other!  Off to bed now.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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