Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Center Block 4!!!

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

I have officially made it to the half way point of the Kathy work week.  All down hill from here ☺

This evening has been a chaotic whirl wind.  First off through a series of what some might find comedic errors my son missed his school bus.  Great.  Thankfully I work close to his school and my managers are really understanding.  I drove to the school as fast as I could loaded him up in the car and went back to work.  One of my physician colleagues agreed to see one of the patient's in my absence.  I don't think my son was too impressed with having to sit in the waiting room as there was someone there vomiting.  Might re-enforce the importance of catching the bus???

Getting home there was homework to do as he could not spread out in the waiting room to do this, walk the dog, feed and water the dog, eat dinner, and depart for skating.

Made it in time for skating! While I was waiting for him at skating I sorted through lentils from the farm removing seeds, and such in order to cook them when I got home.  The Dietitian at work decided last week that we should have a Pulse Potluck to celebrate Dietitians Day tomorrow!  (Seriously).

After getting the lentils and the brownie into the oven I went to my craft room and worked on Center Block 4 of my Churn Dash Challenge Quilt:

Now off to check on the baked lentils and the brownie and maybe even get to bed before midnight!!!!  ROFL.  Who am I kidding???

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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