Thursday, 24 March 2016

Oh Where Oh Where has my Week Gone???

Good Evening Internet Friends!!!

So, seriously, I have NO idea where my week went.

Sunday...spent 2 hours cleaning the house again.  Have decided that if I clean one room entirely every Sunday eventually I will be caught up and just have to do maintenance house keeping.

Then kiddo and I made:
Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I used the entire bag of Callebaut Milk Chocolate Chips that I had purchased at Duchess on Friday.  These cookies were DELICIOUS!

We took dog for a walk in the River Valley:

Since it was a little on the cold side down by the river and kiddo had been complaining of not feeling well I made Chicken, Lentil, Sauerkraut soup for dinner:

What's that you may ask????  Well, its almost everything I could find in the refrigerator; water in the Dutch Oven, frozen turkey broth from the freezer (the Christmas turkey broth that I saved - when frozen the fat rises to the top and is really easy to separate off when ready to use), onion, celery, and carrot that were the last of their kind in the crisper (should go get groceries), 2 handfuls of dried lentils, 1/2 quart jar of sauerkraut, 2 frozen tomatoes defrosted and pureed, and chicken sausage.  When cooked through I topped the soup with the last of the multi grain taco chips I had a bag on the cupboard and some grated sharp cheddar!  Yummy and warm and hopefully will keep the cold virus away.

Monday was you may have guessed it - Stay Home with Sick Kid Day.  Woke up twice at night to kiddo vomiting.  By noon he was no longer vomiting but he wanted to sleep on my lap so that is how I spent the afternoon.  I love that he still wants to sleep on mommy when he is sick!

Tuesday was back to school and work.  Maverick the puppy chewed through his pillow for the absolute last time.  There was nothing left to sew together to try and hold it together anymore, "sew" I sewed him a new one and filled it with left over fabric remnants:

It's a HUGE pillow.  Here's hoping he leaves this one alone for a while

Wednesday evening, was a bit of knitting, I did 2 rows on my Oroya Shawl so not enough progress to show yet.  I am currently 41 rows from being done but the pattern in so intricate that to keep from making mistakes I only do the pattern row and then the purl row and give up for the day ☺

This evening after work I headed out and ran a few errands including groceries at Costco so that I do not have to shop this weekend and am ready for Easter Dinner with the family!

Planning to head down to my craft room now for a bit before sleep creeps in and see what I can get into!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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