Friday, 11 March 2016

Marching Along

Good Evening Internet Friends.

 This week has only been saved thanks to a co -worker and her stash of Robax Heat Wraps.  After physio the other day I thought I was going to have to roll home.  Seriously, it hurt that BAD. 

 However, the heated lumbar support in the Focus on the way home seemed to help.  I mentioned this as I hunched in to work yesterday morning and she offered me one of these from her stash.  I managed to get through the day.  Yes, I walked a little less than usual, and people did help me out some, but I got through the day and on top of that got kiddo to piano, the library and got both the Focus and the GO GO GO Toyota filled up before the fuel price jump.  Hence why we are driving the Focus again! 

This evening I limped to the cinema with kiddo and we watched Zootopia.  I loved it! 

So, it's Friday already and time for Friday share with the Krafting Crew and I have nothing to show!  Except for the March calendar that I made from my December Paper Pumpkin kit:

TAH DAH!  This is seriously about as creative as I can get this evening.  The heating pad has about worn out and after the movie I spent time in the kitchen making marshmallows for my son's play date tomorrow afternoon as that is what he volunteered to bring!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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