Saturday, 13 August 2016

It's Saturday!!!!

Good Evening Internet Friends.

Today I had BIG plans to do nothing.  It was going to be a relaxing sleep in kind of Saturday.

Unfortunately the workers who are putting in the new gas lines were in my back yard at 0632 hours this morning.  Now I guess they did not start the jack hammers etc til 0805 but the trucks were outside running, they were planning their day, and unloading equipment and in general making a lot of noise at a very early hour.  I tried to go to sleep in another part of the house but that was no help.

After breakfast my son and I did some house work, then cut the grass, weeded the side gardens and tidied up the flower beds.

After lunch I took him for a hair cut.  Beat the back to school rush.

Then it was dinner time and after dinner we went out for a bike ride (sans puppy):

The city looked really pretty this evening:

Arriving home I decided that I would take some time to myself this evening and do some quilting.  Currently I am working on the 2016 Row by Row blocks that I have:

This row is from Piece by Peace Quilts (okay I still LOVE this name) in Fort St. John.  
Off to do a little knitting before bed and hopefully the pipeline guys take Sunday off!!!!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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