Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Stone...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today was my first day back at work this week and it was a long and tough one.

Sunday morning we woke up and decided to go out for brunch in St. Albert .  It was delicious as usual but towards the end of the meal I started to get an ominous back pain.....I hoped that we could get home and I could take my medications in time and avoid going to the Emergency Department.

Unfortunately by the time we were home I was in full blown pain!!  It was off to the Emergency Department.

I was diagnosed with a 5 mm kidney stone!  OMG that hurt.  Worse than the last one as far as I can remember ☺

I was so fortunate that my very dear friend came and stayed with me as hubby took kiddo home to bed. It was early Monday morning before she and I left the hospital.

Monday was spent sleeping and taking pain medications.  I am still not sure if it has actually gone or if the pain I feel now is just residual pain or if the stone has just nested somewhere.

Yesterday was my Birthday and it went off without a lot of celebration simply due to the pain.

Hubby did his best to bake a cake:

It turned out pretty good for short notice from the grocery store ☺

We went out for dinner but it was short as well as I did not have much of an appetite or want to sit for very long...

Arriving home and tucking into bed I decided I would work on an easy knitting project I started about 3 years ago:

It's a Waffle Knit Dish Cloth that I finished this evening.

Now it's off to bed as I agreed to pick up a shift tomorrow at a clinic I used to work at.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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  1. Oh my Kathy...NOT a fun way to spend your birthday at all! Happy Belated Birthday!!!