Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Fourteen Years...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today is 14 years since I was pulled by the jaws of life from my F150; unconscious and 13 weeks pregnant.

My son and I are both fine and doing well.  

Two years ago I found this panel and coordinating fabric.  Along with some Kona Solids from Sew Sisters I made the panel into a quilt:

Unfortunately the finished quilt top was "losted" (yes a made up word but fits the situation) to me.  Recently I was able to get it back and a fabulous long arm quilter (she has done quilts for me years ago) who is part of my local quilt guild long armed it for me and had it completed for me yesterday in honour of today.

I LOVE how it turned out:

I am "sew" intrigued with how the checkered area points all match and the stitching corresponds to it.  😻😻😻

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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