Monday, 24 September 2012

Oh S"crap"! It's Monday...

Today's card for Oh S"crap" It's Monday actually came together very easily.
The card base is a black I found in my stash (paper not cookie), a piece of Whisper White on which I used the roller stamp with the paw prints, another piece of black and of course Whisper White card stock for the image.  I used my Copic markers and airbrush system for the grass and sky.
The cat and greeting image are from the Touch of Kindness stamp set in the Summer 2011 Stampin Up Mini catalogue.
Now, the question may be asked why would I make a card with a cat on it?
On April 25, 2011 our family cat of 12 years passed away of renal failure.  I had provided palliative care to him for about a year because I refused to "put him down".  He died peacefully surrounded by his family that he loved and believed he needed to protect (we have had more visitors since his passing as he was MEAN to guests).
Ever since, my son has been asking for his own cat.  My response was always, "NO" because I do not like when cats walk on tables, counters, leave litter on the floor and between their paws, scratch furniture and shed on furniture (okay it's the people that don't vacuum regularly).  There is just something wrong with this for me.
Last weekend I gave my son a list of conditions that a cat would have to have in order to be a member of our family (I thought the list was long enough to appear I was a reasonable parent, and yet never get a cat :).
1.  Has to be a Tuxedo Cat.
2.  Has to be a male cat.
3.  Has to have short velvety hair (not the loose, soft, greasy stuff).
4.  Has to be past the kitten stage.
5.  Has to be a lazy Tom Cat.
6.  Has to be in need of a home (rescue or shelter cat).
7.  Has to get along with other animals.
8.  Has to get along with children.
9.  Has to be litter trained.
10.  Has to be an indoor cat.
Well thanks to Paradise Pets and the Barrhead Animal Rescue Society we now have this:
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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